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My Story Finally Meets The Freeway

~ It’s always a relief when you finally get on the freeway. Keep reading and find out why I’m using a freeway to explain my book – or better yet, my story – of my unplanned pregnancy.

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Book-God and My Pillow

Two Older Adults Who Molded My Thoughts

~ This post, similar to my last, shares another important lesson I learned during my unplanned pregnancy. This time, it’s from two adults. Read more to find out who they were.

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Book-God and My Pillow

What I Learned From That One Little Boy

~ Do you recall learning something from a little child that, years later, is still glued to your heart? Keep reading to find out what that something was I learned.

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I’ve Been Encouraged to Encourage Life

~ History, research, and prayer can sure open your mind to something thats been right in front of you. Read on and allow me to explain.

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Book-God and My Pillow

Noticeable Blessings During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 2)


~ Best friends are a must, especially during tough times like an unplanned pregnancy. Find our how my best friend proved why she kept that title ‘Best’.

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Book-God and My Pillow

My Life-Saving Lesson

woman with arms up amongst a storm on a rock in the ocean

Ever feel like you were hit with a terrible storm. Read what brought me a speck of peace in the worst storm I felt I entered 33 yrs ago; finding out I was pregnant when only nineteen.

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Book-God and My Pillow

God Held Me From Start To Finish

Ocean shore - Quote about one set of footprints

Picture a time in your life that stands out. One you can perfectly picture after ten, twenty, or even thirty years.

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