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Two Phone Calls That Showed Me God’s Plan (part 2)

phoneOne day, thirty years ago, I had to make one important phone call that could cause the beginning of a major change in my life. Pressing that last number to call a place I’ve never heard about caused my heart to pound. That place? Planned Parenthood.  – 1*-

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Book-God and Your Pillow

My Fourth-of-July Thought That Didn’t Finish


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A fun-filled family-and-friends Fourth of July. Say that ten times fast! That would be easier to do than for me to forget a certain day that changed my life. Time I go back a few years and tell you about one certain Fourth of July thirty years ago was great, or at least I thought it would be. 

But that one night of fireworks was sure different from all the ones before and all the ones after. As people were having a blast, literally, with fireworks, I asked myself this one certain question that certainly changed my life.

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Book-God and Your Pillow

The Door And The New Me (Part 2)

open-doorway-with-lightIn my last writing I talked about that front door of the house I grew up in, and how it, my last few years there, symbolized new beginnings. I stepped through that door as one Marianne Houstoun and came back a different Marianne Houstoun. The second time opening that door wasn’t as joy-filled as the first time. (read my last blog HERE) This time I walked inside in such a way I never thought I would. Continue reading “The Door And The New Me (Part 2)”