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Unplanned Pregnancies – Then Versus Now ~Part 1

~ People can say unplanned pregnancies are very different today than they were thirty-some ago. What do you think? Keep reading and find out what I think; or better yet, what I know after having been pregnant back then.

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Book-God and My Pillow

My Story Finally Meets The Freeway

~ It’s always a relief when you finally get on the freeway. Keep reading and find out why I’m using a freeway to explain my book – or better yet, my story – of my unplanned pregnancy.

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Book-God and My Pillow

First Time ‘Pregnant’ Goes In My Journal

Time again I share a bit from my journal. Time now to read what my heart was putting on paper during my pregnancy.

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Book-God and My Pillow

Noticeable Blessing During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 3)

two hands putting together puzzle


~ We often feel our life is like a puzzle. Read how this situation I encountered during my unplanned pregnancy was a piece of the puzzle God was slowing but perfectly putting together. 

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Book-God and My Pillow

The Hardest Phone Call To Make (Part 1)

worried woman looking at phone

~ We’ve all made a phone call we dreaded making. Find out how mine went when I had to tell my old boyfriend two words; I’m pregnant.

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Book-God and My Pillow

The Best Unanswered Phone Call -Part 2

Years ago, when only nineteen, I had to face the truth; I might be pregnant. Read more how a certain phone call opened the door to that rough road ahead.

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The Door And The New Me (Part 2)


In an older writing I talked about that front door of the house I grew up in, and how it, my last few years there, symbolized new beginnings. I stepped through that door as one Marianne Houstoun and came back a different Marianne Houstoun.

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