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7 Reasons Babies Are Adorable

We all can agree that babies are adorable. Come on, admit it. Babies are adorable. Now sure, there are those adults who may not melt as much as others when an infant is just a few steps away. They may not pop out the words “Cute little baby“. The word ‘Adorable’ is just not in some people’s vocabulary. But for those who can’t say it enough, I thought I’d share a few reasons most find those little cutie-pies so captivating.

1 – Large Eyes – We all know that as soon as they ‘pop out’, those eyes begin to grow. But did you know that babies are born with fully grown eyes?

2 – Chubby Cheeks – And they have every right to get away with that.

3 – Big Forehead – Big and adorable.

4 – Large Rounded Head – Can you guess why? Babies are born with almost full-sized brains.

5 – Tiny Feet – ‘They’re so Small !’ – viewers first thought as soon as those feet are seen.

6 – Round Bodies – Adorable round bodies, that’s for sure.

7 – Soft Skin – Don’t we all wish we had skin that soft?

So the next time you come close to your own baby or someone else’s, ask yourself why you find it impossible to stop gazing at that small little treasure. Maybe a few of these reasons explain perfectly.

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Two Adults Who Molded My Thoughts


This post, similar to my last, shares another important lesson I learned during my unplanned pregnancy. (1*) But this one is a bit different. I take that back. It’s a lot different. My previous story was about one young boy I was around for a couple months who taught me a few things about me becoming a mother soon. This one is about two adults in my family I’d been around all my life that applied to me becoming a wife someday. Those two people? My parents.

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Three Important Questions – Part 2


My last writing started with . . . Have you ever been to a conference? Have you ever spoken at a conference? Have you ever had a deep-down inside question finally answered after a conference? Why do I ask these three questions? Because after this last weekend, I can say ‘yes’ to all three. Let me explain the first two. (1*) 

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