Two Adults Who Molded My Thoughts

                     – Two Adults Who Molded My Thoughts – 


This post, similar to my last, shares another important lesson I learned during my unplanned pregnancy. (1*) But this one is a bit different. I take that back. It’s a lot different. My previous story was about one young boy I was around for a couple months who taught me a few things about me becoming a mother soon. This one is about two adults in my family I’d been around all my life that applied to me becoming a wife someday. Those two people? My parents.

Notice I said “applied to” being married, not an example to being married.

When I was a younger teen, my parents’ relationship wasn’t that positive. Yes, they showed love to me and my siblings, but displaying their love to one another was not so apparent. Having one or more of us kids around helped them find more to talk about than just the weather, what’s for breakfast, or where’s the mail. But, as year after year went by, joy, peace, and love between them was hard to witness.

“I’m sure not going to bring up little pet-peeve issues with the man I someday marry,” I began thinking in my young teen years. “Whoever he will be, him and I will not do any useless complaining or whispering a negative comment just loud enough for the other to hear. No huge arguments or even simple useless bickering back and forth. Nope. I refuse.” 

These thoughts formed before I became a Christian, so after my heart did a 180-degree turn at age eighteen, that thought grew even more each time I felt tension between them. Feeling sorry for them grew as well, knowing my parents did not understand what true peace in a Christ-centered marriage was about. They were a couple who kept God on that back burner, turned off.

Being pregnant, knowing I’d become a parent in just a few months, had me thanking God even more that He kept me from marrying Mr. Wrong, (2*) and having me see the importance of marrying a God-fearing Mr. Right.


My thoughts about the importance of love between parents and their children, love between a husband and wife, and love between God and the family, were growing. I’m not saying I had everything figured out with my plans ahead as a mom and wife. Far from it. But my thoughts were slowly and surely molding in that direction. He had me start putting a puzzle together of my future by having me witness what was not going well outside and inside my home.

The point of sharing all this, along with last week’s story, is to have us see that we learn some important truths from ordinary day-to-day situations. None of us can foresee what He uses to teach us. He doesn’t reveal the entire path as we step into the unknown, but He slowly strengthens our faith through our experiences. Walking in God’s will is asking Him to show us what He wants us to learn and what He wants for our lives. Our responsibility is simply to obey and seek Him today, knowing that He holds tomorrow.



Matthew 6:33:  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (like a bit more of a peace-filled family) shall be added to you. 



1* – click here to read my last post

2* – click here to read a bit how the father is not included in my story. 

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Three Important Questions – Part 2

     – Three Important Questions – Part 2



My last writing started with . . . Have you ever been to a conference? Have you ever spoken at a conference? Have you ever had a deep-down inside question finally answered after a conference? Why do I ask these three questions? Because after this last weekend, I can say ‘yes’ to all three. Let me explain the first two. (1*) 

Time now I explain the third, what that deep-down inside question that was finally answered was. I’m going to have fun, though, and tell you what that question was by having you play that well known TV game show called Jeopardy.



Answer – Yes – As soon as she was done giving her speech at that one conference, she  felt she could.

 Question – Should Marianne, in some near future, try to give more speeches to encourage others?

These last few years, my thoughts have been forming to pass along my book, God and Your Pillow, to community support groups for woman dealing with unplanned pregnancies. Now that my book has been published, connecting my book with different organizations has made it to the top of my list of things I now need to do. As soon as I heard places like these often look for women to share stories like mine, this deep-down question began to form.

“Would I ever feel comfortable sharing my story, hoping to give encouragement, to a room full of women going through their own unplanned pregnancy?”

I now feel my speaking at that one conference a few weeks back was God’s way of answering that question if I could, while also answering my prayers if I should.

I’m not pursuing this only to show others what I’ve done during my pregnancy, or just hope those listening might consider buying my book. Nope, far from it. Instead, I want others to see two things.

1) The Lord is present, holding us during tough times. Proving He was present with me during my soap opera, I hope to get others to think that if they include God on their seemingly long and hard detour in life, He is ready to make His presence clear to them as well.  (2*)



2) Sorry, but it looks like you have to wait until next week.  🙂


1* – Click here to read my last post.

2* – Click here to read what I did shortly after I found out I was pregnant.


Marianne Petersen’s book God and Your Pillow is now available. (Amazon) – You can follow Marianne on Twitter at @marimemoirs and read more on her blog,