Book-God and My Pillow

My Story Finally Meets The Freeway

~ It’s always a relief when you finally get on the freeway. Keep reading and find out why I’m using a freeway to explain my book – or better yet, my story – of my unplanned pregnancy.

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Extra, Songs

Just Another Birthday

Birthday Cake with Candles

~ I hold strongly to two facts. God’s timing is perfect, and I love songs. Read more to find out why these two facts, plus my birthday, go hand-in-hand.

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Book-God and My Pillow

First Time ‘Pregnant’ Goes In My Journal

Time again I share a bit from my journal. Time now to read what my heart was putting on paper during my pregnancy.

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Noticeable Blessings During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 1)

Opening Christmas Present with sparkly magical light

~ God kept surprising me with one gift after another during my teenage pregnancy. Keep reading to get a taste of what type gifts I’m talking about.

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