Illness - Encephalitis

Never Forget Those Unforgettable Forgettable Pictures

Don't Forget to Remember written with Remember on top colored paper

Have you ever watched something that had you ponder a lot more than normal on something that happened years ago. That happened to me this yesterday. A certain movie had me feel I was the one on the screen having a major memory problem. The main character had to look and pictures of different things to test her memory. Seeing that had me want to share an older blog I shared well over a year ago.

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Extra, Illness - Encephalitis

“Hmm. What To Write”

Human body thinking in front of question mark

I don’t recall ever having such a tough time deciding what my next posting would be. This last week has felt as if my thoughts have been glued to one big question mark. What took place a few weeks ago gives the reason why; braking my collarbone. I know, not your average excuse.

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Illness - Encephalitis

The Question – Now What?

Hospital patient with drip
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘wish I was a bug on the wall.’ Right? Well, I have to say that at this part of my story, I wish I was a bug on that hospital wall, twenty-five years ago to watch myself, seeing what I was like those first few days after ‘waking up,’ viral encephalitis being the reason I was there. (1*)
I remember the look on people’s faces the first time they saw me. Or, should I say, the first time it seemed to me I saw them. Remember, I did not recall seeing anyone for eight or nine days, even though I was awake and somewhat alert. I can tell you, though, that there was much worry from not only family but also the doctors, as they were not completely sure the first few days what was wrong. Thankfully, after about four days, more proof was showing that it was encephalitis. But still, just knowing what it was didn’t cause instant relief or improvement.
When I finally did, ‘wake-up,’ they all shared a huge sigh of relief.
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