Unplanned Pregnancies – Then VS Now ~ Part 2

~ “Marianne, write your story,” I heard over and over again. But I couldn’t. Life was too much different way back then vs now, 35 years later. That is until…

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Extra, Illness - Encephalitis

Looking at the Past Because of the Present – #2

I bet you’ve had something take place fairly recently that got you to think of a certain time period that took place in your past. 
A few weeks back I shared how that had happened to me when I had fallen during my routine run. Because of that fall, I now know that collarbone is one word. Also, if you fall just right, the collarbone can break up into two or, like in my case, more than two places. I bet you are like me, wishing you didn’t have to learn facts such as these the hard way.

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