Why I Wish I Had the Answer to Why

I wish I was one who could say I feel like dancing, smiling ear to ear, as each day goes by. But honestly, as of late, some days I don’t even feel like walking. I’ve been finding myself thinking
‘Are you sure about this, Lord? It sure doesn’t seem what happened to my callorbone six weeks ago exactly fits into a comfortable plan I prefer.’

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Broken Collarbone 101

Last week I shared 8 things I learned after I fell during my routine run. That fall caused me to get a
broken collarbone. – Not. Fun. The most important thing I learned from that list was . . .

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Extra, Illness - Encephalitis

‘Time’ For Encouraging Quotes

Clock close up just before 12

Can you agree that life can sometimes seem crazy? Can you agree that quotes can fit perfectly with the craziness that’s going around? So much can get in our way of how we think things should go.

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