Thankfulness In The Future

          – Thankfulness In The Future –


Okay everyone, time to make that list. Time to make that list of a few things you’re thankful for. Just in case you are wondering the latest thing on my list, it would be how thankful I am this year to be daring. For the first time ever, I’m venturing to make this years Thanksgiving stuffing FROM SCRATCH !  But instead, I think I’ll share how thankful I am that my immediate and extended family truly enjoy getting together, with or without homemade stuffing.

I’ve talked recently here about thankfulness; past and present. But what about the future? Of course we all hope for peace and health, right along with prosperity. But what about that little rolled up pile of fear many carry in their back pocket.

We’re all aware of the craziness along the Mexico border. And how about that huge fire that’s been going on in California. I think I’m safe to say that not one person affected by that fire is flooding with thankfulness in what the future hold these next few days or weeks. But what about problems that could be directly hitting you? Not fun to ponder on.

One important thing I learned that helps me plan and accept my future came from my past. Difficult at the time, yes, but sometimes God puts us through larger than normal trials to strengthen us for our future.

Hospital patient with drip

Twenty-Eight years ago I didn’t really plan to have an out-of-the-blue seizure which caused a major change in life to follow. (Click here to read a bit about that.)

Man, was that hard.  I’m sure it sounds crazy, but that ordeal in the past helps me know that, what ever trial will hit me in the future, God will know what He’s doing. That one fact wasn’t proven in the most relaxing, stress-free style way back then, but still proven. That one fact proven back then helps me think of my future with a bit more joy, peace, and comfort. His love cannot always be explained, but just remember . . . He knows what He’s doing.  (Click here to read my post to explain how He proved that to me.)


I end now wishing you a great Thanksgiving, and to encourage you all to be giving thanks continually for your past, present, and future. Ponder on how much you’ve been given, do have, and will have. When we focus on blessings rather than wants, we are happier as days, weeks, months, and years go by.


Well, off I go, making sure I have all the ingredients needed for my very first stuffing from scratch.

(Come on, Marianne. You can do it.)

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Put Me In Coach- Song #14

             – Put Me In Coach – Song #14 –

people-practising-sports_1263-98.jpgWho out there hears a certain song, and up pops certain memories of your children or someone else you know? Having two daughters and two sons, we partook in what felt like every single sport/activity in the universe. Okay, maybe not every single one, but darn near close. From football, volley ball, ballet, to horseback riding. From 4H, soccer, golf, to swimming. Heck, even Spanish sword fighting. You get the idea.

soccer.jpgBeing I wound up the coach for the youngest soccer team one year, I think I’m safe to title myself  ‘Soccer Mom’.

I like putting words to photos. Sort of looks like here I’m saying to my team, “Who wants a donut after the game?”





Today’s song has to do with baseball. Year after year after year … after year our boys played. From hitting the ball off the Batting-T, to years later hitting that ball way out past the outfield border. Come rain or shine, my husband and/or I were there cheering away. Still feels like yesterday, especially when hearing this song.

(note: this video has a second song. It’s also one of my favorites but right now my story goes with just the first.)


This song makes me think back to the many years we were hollering away, watching our kids hitting, catching, running and sliding. I was sure one proud Mom watching one of my sons being one of the pitchers.

Do some of you have your favorite sport tucked away in you memory box? I’d love to hear from other parents who, come rain or shine, are out there cheering away for what ever your kids are doing. How about your very own special sport or activity?  You’d be reading forever if I told you some crazy stuff I was part of growing up. Pass us all a note with your memories.


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Don’t Blink – Song #10

                   – Don’t Blink – Song #10

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.09.20 AM.png

Are you one who listens to country music? I occasionally do, and this song has been one that stood out quite a bit more than most. I bet the older you are the more you’ll know why.


Are you like me, and, as you’re listening, can picture pieces of your life from your past. I sure did. I still do. Each time I listen I realize I’ve blinked too many times through life.




From when I was, as the song says, 6 yrs old …








to when my love-at-first-sight became my husband, and was blessed with a family of six.





Now they are all grown up.








My life as a Gramma is also going by too fast.








Many unforgettable memories have been made after all these years, with many saved on paper being I’ve kept a journal since I was twelve. This song reminds me to slow down as it has me lift a ‘Thank you’ up to God, knowing He’s held me through all the ups and downs during life.

Is your life going faster than you think? Try to go back to when you were six. How about when you were 25? Are you one close to my age? (clue. I’m exactly half the age of the man telling his story.) Or, perhaps you’ve been married 50 yrs by now. No matter your age, I’m sure we all agree we need to slow down, wishing we took the advice from the song . . . don’t blink.

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Rush – Five Minute Friday

                       – Rush – Five Minute Friday



 “Come on. let’s get going.”

“Hurry up. We need to go now.”

“Speed up, guys. Let’s go!”

Just a few of many sentences we’ve all said throughout the years.


I know those were sure said when my kids were little. We’d be getting things together to go some where. Year after year was filled with many of those Hurry up’s

Then one day my eyes were opened up from an article I read. I don’t remember the exact words but it sure stuck to me ever since. It stated how kids are always surrounded with those rush-rush words. “Come on! Walk faster,” is one of many said on a routine basis.

Guilt hit me right then and there. I was one molding in my kids minds how life must have a rush-filled feeling 24/7. Not good. From then on I’ve always caught myself when those thoughts began to form. Do we really have to go so fast?  became my new question. I then began making it so we weren’t in such a rush so often.

I didn’t change over night, that’s for sure, but I did try my darnedest to get that rush-rush feeling to show up less and less. Slow down, Marianne. Slooooooow down.   

shadow figure



How about we see if we all can replace that word ‘Rush’ with that one simple word: Relax.



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Vacation – Five Minute Friday

                                – Vacation –


“Be patient. Be patient, Marianne. You and the man I gave you may have to wait until all your kids I blessed you with are all out before you two can really go out on one cool and relaxing vacation. Remember. Patience is a virtue.”


Now sure, God didn’t say those exact words to me years ago, but it sure feels like it now. Having four kids, homeschooling many of those years, being pretty much a one-income family, we just couldn’t do much vacationing aside from camping off and on in life. (Which were all awesome, by the way.) Or, if we did stay in a hotel, it wasn’t the most relaxing atmosphere. No real planned, day after day hotel stays of just him and I. No real ’Heck, since it’s only you and I here, we’ll do this and, heck, get this thing as well.”


None of that until – drum roll please – when my husband and I got our first taste of that a few years ago.

What? Just my husband and I? Really?  Yep. And those hotels even come with a hot tub ! We’ve even been able to do a few more afterwards. 


I thank God, and take being able to do this now as His way of saying – “Marianne, you and your hubby have worked your tails off raising your kids. You deserve a vacation. Maybe you did have to wait until all the kids I gave you were moved out, but as you can see . . .it was well worth the wait. 



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