Why Keep a Journal?


Many ask ‘Why keep a journal?’ My answer –  Why NOT keep a journal?
After all, our mind is crowded with a million thoughts every day, and sometimes it’s best to just vent them out on paper. Read more if you’re curious what I wrote in mine.

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Book-God and My Pillow

Noticeable Blessing During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 4)

picture of doctor with thermometer over neck

~ Have you ever had the best surprise that calmed your nervousness? I sure did when I met my OB/GYN I’ll never forget. Read and find out why.

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Book-God and My Pillow

That Time You Just Stare at Your Shoes

lady looking down at your shoes on your feet
Staring At Your Shoes

~~Continue reading to find out about that time I’ll never forget; the time I told my parents I was pregnant. 

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Illness - Encephalitis

Thank You For The Storm

Do you have a time each year when, after a few remembering thoughts begin, tears slowly start forming. They form because you ponder on something that took place years before that altered how you think for the rest of your life.

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Broken Collarbone 101

Last week I shared 8 things I learned after I fell during my routine run. That fall caused me to get a
broken collarbone. – Not. Fun. The most important thing I learned from that list was . . .

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