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That Graduation Party I’d Rather Forget

        – That Graduation Party I’d Rather Forget –

Lost means having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place or direction.
distracted – distraught – desperate – hopeless

Why in the world did I bring that word up? Because a few postings ago my journal revealed how I felt when I was eighteen, somewhat lost in all the world going on around me. I also there shared my journal on how I felt knowing I was a solid believer and follower of Christ.  (1*)  (The best feeling in the world, by the way)

I first want to share one of the reasons I felt so ’empty’ inside after graduating from High school. It was during that summer my heart began to see life wasn’t what I though it was going to be.


Yep, time to graduate from high school. YIPPY ! I felt so ready to take on all that was ahead. The graduation ceremony went great, with a fancy dinner for many of us afterwards. After that, just a few of us girls went to one of my friend’s home to have, what I thought, a cool and simple celebration night.




This should be fun. All us ladies, officially out of high school, gabbing away for hours. Maybe all of us grads will have some beer, too. Hay, I’ve graduated. I can do that.

I couldn’t wait. That is, until the few of us girls got in my friend’s car. As soon as the last door was shut, out popped . . .
“Wooohooo! Ready to party!” one of them hollered with the others cheering her on.
She must just be talking about us cutting loose a bit more than normal. I’m game! I’m sure I threw in a few “Yay!  Here we go!”
“The guys will be there right around the time we show up,” one of the graduates said, “Hey, Samantha, did your older brother get the drinks he said he could get?”

I began realizing how that evening was turning into something I didn’t expect. What took place was exactly what you see in a movie where the parents go somewhere overnight, trusting their daughter will be fine having a few girlfriends over. But then it turns into a wild party. I began thinking to myself a mile a minute.

Oh, my. What’s going. On? What am I getting into? I thought just us girls were getting together?

“Time to party away,” my so-called friends said as we got out. My ‘let’s party’ face I showed sure was different than my thoughts as I saw many senior boys, plus more girls, showing up.

Speaking of partying away, I was blown away! I never thought some of these people I considered my friends would be doing anything as wild as this. I had never done anything like this my entire high school years.

I felt I was invisible, floating around all these people, watching them eat, drink, and be merry. I wasn’t friends with them all but knew most from school. All were flirting big time while showing off any extra skin they could. I had to hide my shock with a fake smile. After all, I didn’t want to look ‘square’ and seem like I didn’t want to belong. I had to look cool and act totally comfortable with all that was going on. Hour by hour went by.

I can’t wait till this is over. I cant’ wait till this is over.
What I will never forget was seeing different guys pulling different girls behind different doors, knowing it wasn’t just to compare final test scores.

12 o’clock – 2 o’clock –
I wish I drove myself. Come on, clock. Go faster.
The entire time I felt like running away, but couldn’t, so I just acted like I was having a ball, pretending I was drinking, even acting a little buzzed.

clock 1



2 o’clock


clock24 o’clock
I looked at my watch every five minutes.

Finally! Time for this movie to come to an end. You can probably picture what took place. The parents come home unexpectedly early that next morning. It was the best thing I had seen those last six hours. As all were silently grabbing their personal belonging, after hearing two angry parents hollering as they stood inside the door pointing outside, I was most likely the only person secretly smiling ear to ear. I loved that ride home.

FINALLY ! That pressure was off! The worst night I’ve ever had was over! I left that party having stayed sober, clean, and a virgin. I felt so stupid realizing that most of my friends weren’t really the type friends I thought they were.

How dare they all do that?  Man, I’m so glad to be home! But those thoughts, sad to say, were balanced off with feeling cut off from them all. Should I loosen up a bit? Am I too goodie goodie?  

severing ties and boycott


But I knew from then on I’d be uncomfortable around any of them, wanting to avoid any conversation about that night, and relieved there was no plan to see any of them soon.



Another event I did not write in my journal feeling it was a night I did not want to remember. I often now wish I had, wanting to read those thoughts that my pillow soaked up those next few days. But you know what? I really didn’t need a journal at that point. No way will I ever forget that night.

So the word ‘lost’ fits in right here because after that night I felt lost. Those people went off my ‘true-friend’ list. I felt a bit empty. – like the definition said, I was bewildered as to place or direction. Distracted; distraught – desperate – hopeless. What I thought would be my best day, turned out to be my worst and empty summer. – I was lost.

Can you think of an eye opening experience you’ve been through? What did you learn?  My next writing I will explain what feeling lost lead me to.

1* Click here to read my before and after posting. 

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Was Mine a Journal or Diary?

 – Was Mine A Journal Or Diary? –


Journal or Diary. Ever wonder what the difference is between the two?

Basically it’s like comparing the difference between reading a newspaper and reading poetry… sort of.
The difference between a journal and a diary can be explained by saying that a journal is writing ones feelings, emotions, fears, and most intimate thoughts pouring out on paper; whereas a diary is your assessment, your goals, your achievements, your failures, your targets. It’s about life happening everyday as a routine.like a news report about you.

So what was it then, a diary or journal, when I started writing when I was thirteen years old. Let’s see what you think.

December 25, 1979 (8th grade)
Well diary, today was Christmas and I got lots of neat stuff like clothes, jewelry, a cool lamp, calendar, makeup and this diary! I’m so happy. Tonight our family seemed to be really close. We told jokes, played games and brought back memories. Bye until tomorrow.

December 26, 1979
Tonight me, Mom, Kelly, and Susie went to Jack McGoverns Music Hall. It was GREAT. For dinner before we went to Black Angus. David and Dad went to Vancouver, Canada for one night. Me, Mom and Kelly went shopping all day. I got a dress and some sweaters. Bye… until tomorrow.

So I think you can agree that I started it as a diary.
But as months went by, the diary transformed into a journal.
Now, don’t laugh.

February 24, 1980
Diary – Today me and Willma went into Burien and bumbed around. the Olympics end tonight. It’s really been nice having them. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow cause it’s so boring and, well, very uninteresting. I was thinking more about Tim and thoughts of him don’t sound so negative anymore but it’s hard not to think of Jeff though. I say to myself that this is love and if it isn’t, what is?

I said don’t laugh!

So many ‘him this’ or ‘he that’ or ‘I feel this way’ or ‘I feel that way’ or
‘I think that . . .’ or  ‘I hope some day I’ll . . .’
So much more of my thoughts inside and less of what I did day after day.

But what I notice is that some of my most unforgettable events I did not write down.
Why? Because I knew no reminders would ever be needed.

Let’s see if you would need to write anything down to remember this.

Let’s pretend you played saxophone all through high School. You played in the orchestra band and you even came an hour before school officially started to be in Jazz band. Of course you never got tired of playing in the marching band as well. (except when it rained during half time as you marched around on the field)
Now, pretend it was the end of your senior year. The last High school concert you would ever be in took place. All the chairs were filled to the brim with the student’s families and friends. All the instrumental & singing groups performed.
That evening did have to come to an end, however. The last group, Jazz band, preformed the last song. You felt honored to be the only one playing those last few notes. Those last notes of the entire concert. You even got the privilege of standing up as all the others were sitting so all viewers would be noticing who to watch as they heard those last few pieces of perfectly played notes. My, what a privilege to show your talent, and in front of so many! You were a bit nervous of course, being those last few notes of that last song you felt had to be perfect.

Time to stand. Time to start those four notes.

You thought to yourself ‘I can do it. These slow, easy notes were perfect when ever we practiced them.’
1st note played- ‘Good. That was easy. Done.’
2nd note played – ‘Good. Done.’
3rd note played – ‘Oh what a relief – Good. Done. One more. I have to hold it longer, though.’
4th note started – ‘WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED ! One entire note too low! I can’t stop and correct it. It has to go at least four beats, too! HOW.. EM..BAAAAARRASSING !!  My LAST note I’ll EVER play is WRONG !”

Do you think you would ever forget that, and  think ‘oh… I better write this down cause I might forget it.’
I’ll tell you. I probably didn’t want to write it down hoping I WOULD forget it. Well, that didn’t work. I can still perfectly picture that one incident as it still holds the award for the most embarrassing situation I’ve ever experienced.

I’m thankfully laughing right now while also thinking God’s probably giggling right along with me.