Illness - Encephalitis

Meet For The First Time . . . Again -part 2


That same day I ‘woke-up,’ or the day after, in walked someone new.

“Marianne,” one of the doctors said, “someone’s here whom you knew before you got sick.”  In walked this man. 

Who is he? He’s not dressed like everyone else here. He . . . he sort of looks familiar, whoever he is.

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Illness - Encephalitis

The Question – Now What?

Hospital patient with drip
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘wish I was a bug on the wall.’ Right? Well, I have to say that at this part of my story, I wish I was a bug on that hospital wall, twenty-five years ago to watch myself, seeing what I was like those first few days after ‘waking up,’ viral encephalitis being the reason I was there. (1*)
I remember the look on people’s faces the first time they saw me. Or, should I say, the first time it seemed to me I saw them. Remember, I did not recall seeing anyone for eight or nine days, even though I was awake and somewhat alert. I can tell you, though, that there was much worry from not only family but also the doctors, as they were not completely sure the first few days what was wrong. Thankfully, after about four days, more proof was showing that it was encephalitis. But still, just knowing what it was didn’t cause instant relief or improvement.
When I finally did, ‘wake-up,’ they all shared a huge sigh of relief.
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Illness - Encephalitis

Waking Up To The New Everything

Hospital patient with drip

“Oh, my head hurts. This pain is terrible,” I think to myself, holding the back of my head while lying on my back. “And where in the world am I?” I began sitting up.

As my last blog shared, I had been sent to the nearby hospital. But, more important, my last post shared how God’s perfect timing was perfectly shown twenty-three years ago. In a nutshell, back then II came down with a serious illness I simply call encephalitis, but technically known as meningoencephalitis. t’s an acute inflammation of the brain, and the effects it can leave depends on the severity of the inflammation and where it occurs in your brain. It can have many different mental and physical effects. (#1)

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