If You Never Try You Will Never Know – Part 2

red and white flowers with blue sky behind

Time to pick your favorite flower. Do you have one in mind? With spring right around the corner, I bet you can’t wait to see it start showing its beauty. At the end of my last blog, I was talking about that seed a beautiful flower comes from. Read it again to refresh your mind.

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Book-God and My Pillow

God and My Pillow – Part 2

White pillow bedding

Everyone knows women are known to keep changing their mind. I’ll prove that is true by continuing my story on how I kept changing my mind on one important decision; the title of my book. 

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Book-God and My Pillow

God Sure Can Surprise Us


A few posts back, I shared how I was surprised at myself. (1*)This one is being surprised at what others did. Here, let me explain. I give God full credit for guiding me to a certain website that would show an interest in my book. My mouth dropped when I read they requested that I send them part of my story.  Yes, you shall assume that this happening made it into my journal with a few exclamation points used here-and-there.

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