‘THE’ List vs ‘THE’ Box

two ways to show activity list
Two Ways to Show an Activity List

Inside: Time for some fun! But first, a few Instructions on making that important list.

I know, I know. Why is ‘the’ looking like THE ? (pronounced THEE) I’ve used that word off and on throughout the years for the title of different things. That one photo up above was used years ago for ‘THE’ Box. Kids loved saying ‘THE’ with a noticeable tone.
One thing I heard often – “It’s now my turn to open THE box, right Mom?”

Two Different ways to show the same list of activities.

The reasons I’m showing two ways is covered here. It explains why making one of these will help you hear less of those two comman word – “I’m bored.”Add block

1 – THE list –

check-off list

Perhaps you are one who keeps lists on the frig where crossing things off sure feels great. Why not put THE list there, too! decorate it being it’s THE important piece of paper holding THE important list. Also, how about stickers or a colored marker to show when somethings been done. 

Make sure they all get their ideas evenly used by, if room, writing that person’s name or initial down. But hay, if it makes things much easier for you, then come up with all the ideas yourself. After all, you ARE THE boss.  

Perhaps you are one who, after checking something off a long list, thinks
‘Ug! Still tons to do.’ Perhaps you are one who would like this option.    

B – THE box –

Close up of decorated note box

Fill a box with little cards that hold one idea on each one. That’s a project right there! Spend time making these important cards with words and/or pictures they draw. (Shhh. don’t tell them this could be considered ‘school’)

THE box has a bit more work but well worth it. You might find a few examples right here.

– What To Do With THE List or THE Box –

Putting together a list or box, it’s always best to know your plan in advance. 

Idea – Once a week each kid picks one or two ideas off the list, or pulls out one or two cards. (of course taking turns and of course after THE boss decides the amount for that week.) The THEs that are pulled out could then be taped on the frig or wherever you feel is best.

You have every right to adjust all these suggestions as you please. Such as, if you have too many years between your oldest and youngest, then have two lists. Or make some doable only when your youngest is napping or your spouse is able to take the oldest away for a while.

Sure, a little more effort on your part in some of these, so perhaps when all’s done, the things they could do or watch AAAALL by themselves would be
PERRRRRR-FECT. Time for your ME-MYSELF-AND-I list.

If you haven’t checked the activities list yet, do it right now.
They just might prevent you from hearing . . . “What else is there to do?”

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