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THE activity check-off list

Ready for THE list of fun activities to help fill up that extra free time.

Inside: Instructions for new Children’s activities always help. These instructions just might cause your kids and you to smile.

You being here for a fresh new Summer activities list to do with your kids confirms you’re wanting them to smile. There are tons of other lists out there –
like this one – that you can find with more action-packed ideas. These below, however, are ones to work their brain a bit more. I bet you’ll enjoy doing many of these yourself.

You may have already found out why I have the word ‘THE‘ showing here-and-there. But if you don’t, it’s explained at the top of this post found by clicking here.

Below are 20 ideas. Sure, a few take a few minutes planning but remember, your kids are worth it. THE list of summer activities will become their favorite thing.

1- Story Making  
Everyone comes together to make up a story.
You will, of course, start that first one coming up with the first 4 or 5 words. 

For example, You begin by saying “Outside I saw Five tall….”
The one next to you says “… doggies barking at the…” (next) “… mail man. The mail man was scared and said…” (next) “Do you have any marshmallows?” etc, etc.
This game can get hilarious! You might like to quickly write what is said so, in the end, it can be repeated perfectly. You then determine when it’s the time for you to add those last words. Before you know it, you’ll start hearing “Can I start the next one, please?”

2 – Alphabet game
You have to name objects in alphabetical order according to the subject you choose. For example, you start with ‘For Lunch today I’m eating . . . an Apple.’ The second person repeats the first part but changes that last word. 

‘For Lunch today I’m eating . . . a Banana.’
‘For lunch today I’m eating . . . Candy.’ (of course)

You can alter what words are said depending on what kids know. Maybe make them all start with the same letter, or include a number.
How about a full sentence. 
‘Someday I … want to go to the park to play because I love the swing.’
‘Someday I … want to make money mowing lawns.’ 

‘Someday I … hope Mommy will let me have two scoops of ice scream
(You now know what to let her have on her birthday.)
Do what ever fits your fancy. 

3 – Record Them Reading –
It can be as simple of recording on your phone. Just choose some simple book they can easily read. However, If they don’t know how to read but still want to be recorded, just have fun and record them pretending to read.  

4 – Color Pictures They choose –
Have a printer? Perfect! This website is a great source, letting your child choose the category. – Use this for #5 & #6 as well.

5- Write a Letter To Others –
Have kids write, draw and/or color something on paper for someone. Share a favorite song, joke, or about something special they did. Tons of ideas. Then have them get the envelope ready. Little kids love licking those stamps. 

6 – Draw/color a Picture Each Day –
After every 4 or 5 days, why not mail them all to one person with a little note.

7 – Play With Coins –
Gather tons of coins, putting them in or on something – a bowl, jar, zip lock, the floor, or table. Each takes a turn guessing how many coins there are. If older, add up the amount? Perfect for those learning to add money. The fun way to end would be to have each kid do one. If they get close enough, they get to KEEP that money. You just made their day

different priced coins in small siplock

8 – 10 Questions – 
One person thinks of something they are. For example, airplane
Each kid takes turns asking a yes or no question. If it’s not figured by the 10th question, (use fingers to keep track) then it’s finally shared. Example

“Are you something that lives?”
“Do you move around?”
“Can you only move around on the ground?”
“Are you an airplane?”
Once figured out, it’s the next person’s turn. 

9 – Show & Tell –
That good old traditional Show & Tell is still great. Let the child show and tell everyone something that means a lot to them. (Sorry but ‘I like it cause it’s fun’ is not enough) How about sharing a picture of something they know about but haven’t seen in person yet. Just make sure they get time, even the day before, to begin thinking what to say.

10 – Make Home-made . . . SLIME !
Tons of ideas that you can do with this. 
A few different way to make slime can be found right here.

11 – Hand Shaped Cookie –
After making cookie dough, and after making sure all hands are clean, the hand is put on a lightly flattened batch of dough. Carefully use whatever you find handy to trace around the hand on the dough. I bet they’d love doing their feet, too.
Time to cook! Good chance you’ll hear at least one jokingly say ‘Mom, watch. I’m eating my hand.’ 

12 – Paint on Shirt – 
Here are a few websites that give helpful info an how it’s done. 
First WebsiteSecond Website

13 –  Kid’s Flower Bed – 
Put a flower simple cheep flower from a store or else where that they choose in either a certain area outside in the yard or a basket they choose. They have to agree it’s their job to water it. After all, it’s THEIR flower.

14 – Make Own Official Story Book –
Have your kids make their own official story inside a real blank book.
It’s great having pre-made things now and then. This is one of those.

15 – Make a family newspaper – (Warning – This needs a bit more planning.)
Time to make more of an official ‘newspaper’ to give family and friends. Have some or all your kids take part in interviewing each other. Have them feel like a reporter asking you and others a few questions. You ask them questions and they ask you. Have a serious dinner table discussion on what type things you want written. Include major family news, sports, and entertainment. Oh, and you must include some little add somewhere. Plan it to look like the good old fashion newspaper with an official title. THE Wilson’s Newspaper. (fill in your own name, of course)

16 – Start their own Journal –
Try writing each day, once a week, twice a week or when ever. You never know if this could get one of your children to love doing what many adults wish they did when they were younger – keep a journal.  

17 – Toy Cleaning Attack –

toddler girl outside washing her toy car
Her important task

Not just the ‘Go put your toys away’ ritual. (Plenty of that already) Make it an official soap and water project. One great outdoor activity. Let them choose what they feel should be spotless. And perhaps you can add a thing or two as well. 
You know . . . that tool box could sure use a good cleaning.

18 – Pretend to be doctors and/or nurses –
That special doll or stuffed animal is sick. Let the kids get the ‘hospital’ already. Why not show pictures on the internet to give them ideas what it’s like. Gloves, masks, perhaps all have the same ‘Hospital’ colored shirt, ‘surgery tools’, and a wheelchair (stroller) to move from the surgery to recovery room. They could learn so much doing this. 

19 – Car Wash –


For those who already know the basics, get more detailed in how to REALLY wash a car. Explain why it’s called ‘Car Detailing’ and why people get paid. If their heart’s there, doing extra detail inside and out, maybe it’s time they get (gulp) PAID.  (Could this be one of those Daddy-projects?)  

20 – Read, Read, Read –
I wanted to save one of the most important for last. Being read to from Mom and or Dad is obviously the best, but a fresh face can also help. Try this – a website called Storyline On Line. It’s filled with children’s books read by known actors from children’s movies. You might want to save this for ‘Mommy Needs a Break’ time. – Here’s a little tester. – The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Like I said before, these are not so ACTION packed Summer activities, but when it’s time to get the brain working a bit more that our body, these are great.

Close up side photo of toddles face next to a quote

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