7 Ways To Help Make You Smile At Your Kitchen

Clean kitchen with flowers
Your Kitchen Should Make You Smile

Inside *** This list of 7 things to put on you ‘Must Do’ list will help you in the most lived-in section of your home – Your kitchen.

Picture yourself barely awake one morning when you hear your adorable baby giving that ‘I want mommy’ cry earlier than normal. (Remember, she’s adorable) Thankfully the other kids are still asleep. . . so you thought. On your way down the hall, your husband gives that off-to-work kiss with his lunch bag in hand.
“I just told the kids to stay in their room for a while. By Hon. See ya after work.”

You just read about a typical morning of my family of seven. (Of course, I had to include our dog.) Does this type of morning sound a little familiar?

I am here to give some help in making mornings as easy as possible by encouraging you to wake up to a clean kitchen.
Click right here for more information about this list. I’m showing right here with more detail where you get to see seven Must-Do’s each evening to help get that next day starting as smoothly as possible.

1 – House Pick-Up

Mother cleaning up toys with her two young children

1- For starters, make sure there is an over-all house pick-up time before the day is over. We all know kids work better with routines so let’s get the kids used to hearing “Hey, guys. It’s ‘Tidy-Time’!” The kitchen can be part of Tidy-Time – or what ever you want to call it – since little things from elsewhere often show up on it’s counter.

I know my adult kids and I still talk about our ritual. For instance, “Okay, kids. Dad will be home in a little bit. Time for our Clean-up-attack.” It was usually done those days I heard “That’s hers (or ‘his’). SHE (or him) needs to clean that up,” a few too many times.

We’d go into the kitchen to set the timer. “How about, umm…I know! I’ll set the timer for 4 minutes and oh…. 37 seconds. Just remember, it doesn’t matter who’s stuff it is. We just have to be right back here, with the house spotless, before the timer beeps.
On your maaarrrrrk…. get seeeeeet…. GO!

Smiles began running around the house ending with us all breathing fast and laughing at the same time with only a few seconds left. I had just as much fun as them.

2 – Left Behind Food

hand holding plate in bubbly water

Hopefully, that extra food from dinner, if any, is already put in its right place but perhaps a few dishes are still out. Either cleaned by hand or a dishwasher, just do it. Times such at this you must keep in mind ‘Don’t put off till tomorrow (like cleaning dishes) what your hands find to do today. (or right now) 

Need a few tips on making your dishwasher do its best?

Do you often clean with your bare hand? Time for a little glove information.
Cleaning with bare hands often leads to the dreaded “dishpan hands” because the gloves keep your hands’ natural oils from stripping away. In addition, they also protect your hands from hot water while giving that added barrier against rogue knives. They also help keep slippery dishes from sliding off your hands. 

Sure, you can leave dishes and what-nots out to dry on their own and put them away in the morning. But if timing is fine, why not wipe them off and put them away as well? The same goes for the dishwasher. If you really want to feel like a queen in the morning, and you can start it soon enough, heck, empty it out that evening.

3 – Counter

items on counter top

YAY! No dishes, forks, cups, or cooking-whatever’s looking for a home. Time now to look at little gadgets that, sure, aren’t doing anything bad but heck, why not put that away, too. Out of sight that night means out of mind that next morning.

With all thats going around lately with this certain virus, It’s better to be safe than sorry and use a good cleaner to wipe off that CLEAN counter.

4 – Stove Top

Shiny stove top

Good chance that stove could use a beauty wipe as well. The shinier the better. 

After all the wiping off of this-and that’s, toss that dirty washcloth aside, (or as I call it; the rag) and pull out a fresh one for the day ahead.

5 – Sweep

sweeping mess into dust pan

Almost done but one little question – How is the floor for your barefooted kids that next morning? Keep your broom close at hand being most evenings it time for a sweep.  

6 – Garbage

Putting gargabe in can

Every family’s garbage amount differs by the end of the day. Just ask yourself if, when you toss something in the garbage that next morning, are you going to think ‘I wish this was empty’. If so, then do it then. And if you sense too many smudges of dirty kids’ hands on the garbage can, just quickly wipe them all off. 

7 – SMILE !

happy woman sitting on countertop in clean kitchen

Once everything’s put away, a clean rag is by the sink, not one crumb is found on the floor, and almost needing sunglasses because of all of the shine, it’s then time to smile. 

Yes, a little time was needed, but that next morning, when once again in that same kitchen, you’ll be far more ready to take on that new day ahead. 

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