Different Ways That Prove You Are One Strong Mom

woman wearing many hats
Mothers wear many Parenting hats

Intro: — Have you ever had a few hats on at the same time? Mother’s sure do. Below is the first of two blogs to help you wear the certain hat all parents need.

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7 Proven Tips that make you Smile at Your Clean Kitchen

Kids playing fun music in kitchen with Dad
Kitchens are made for bringing families together.” Emma Reed

Inside ** How your kitchen can help you smile a bit more by following this simple list.

Kitchen + Family = 2nd Living Room

Does your kitchen ever feel like your 2nd living room? Mine sure did. That kitchen never got bored with my family of six.
For example, here is one of those typical evenings.

  • 12 yr. old daughter – “Mom, is my hairband here in the kitchen?”
  • 5 yr. old son – “Vroom Vroom” while racing 3 or 4 toy cars around on the floor
  • 8 yr. old daughter – “Mom, I’m hungry.” 
  • 2 yr. old son – opening drawer after drawer, looking for something to play with.
  • 35 yr. old husband – “Honey, are we out of salsa?” with fridge door wide open
  • 31 yr. old self – “I really should clean this junk drawer right now.”

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I learned early on that how those days ended affected the way the next day began. Let this little story explain what I mean.

“All three kids down for the night. Mission accomplished,” Mother thought while sensing the living room couch whispering two sentences.
“You’re exhausted. Sit down riiiiight here and relax.”
She crashed on that couch and escaped life for a while when, before she knew
it, it was too late to do anything except call it a night.

The Next Morning With Her Kitchen

“A rare morning! I get to wake up to silence, coffee, and some Me-Myself-and-I time before everyone’s up,” she thought while walking towards the kitchen.
When, all of a sudden . . .


One barefoot about to step on little toys

She stepped onto her sons plastic toy solders right there on the kitchen floor. After kicking those solders aside, she looked up and saw everyday items on the counter top she wished weren’t there. And of course her favorite but dirty coffee cup was hiding behind an empty bag of chips her husband left out. And to top it off, those screaming dishes hollered ‘WASH ME! WASH ME!’

Those unwanted kitchen tasks had her already feeling behind in that days TO-DO list. Hope for any Me-Myself-and-I time disappeared, for as soon as she had poured coffee into her FINALLY clean coffee cup, six words down the hallway were heard.

“Mommy, can I get up now?”

Little girl under white blanket on bed

We know things like that happen. We know not every morning is picture perfect. But if this story is anywhere close to your normal morning routine, read on. 

A Clean Kitchen

Here’s a short list of 7 things you should attempt to do before your day is done.
Doing them each evening will most importantly help start each day with a little more cheer.
1- House Tidying-Up
2- Last Food/Dishes Clean up
3- Counter
4- Stove
5- Sweep
6- Garbage
I save the best on the list for last.
7- Smile

Smiley face

If this list is all you need, great! GO, GIRL ! However, incase you’d like this list to be described a bit more, it can easily be found by clicking here.

Feel free to mix and match anything from this list onto those that live under your roof. As they got older, I passed some of the jobs off to them. But I’ll be honest. For many years, evening after evening, I still did it all on my own. My husband knew it best to just take on the role as Super Daddy, knowing I could sure use some Me-Myself-and-I (and sink) time, even if it was just going to be in that 2nd living room.

“They say the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, so the kitchen must be the heart of the home”  
– Emma Reed –


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How To Help Fill Time for Your Kids – 20 Ideas

young brother on sister bored, lying on floor
Nothing To Do?

Inside: Want to fill up some of that free time your kids often have? This list of fun and educational games will sure help.

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