Hold On and Be Held Through Any Trial

~ My biggest change in life that took place I shared in my last post. What was that? I became a mom; a teenage mom. But before I go on, I want to share a song. Keep reading to find out which one.

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That Magical Day I Became a Mom – Part 2

Shirt showing when baby is due

~ There is a certain word made with only four letters but can sound like it has six, eight, twelve, or even more. When would that be? When it’s said by those helping a woman who’s just about to have a baby. Keep reading to find out what that word is.

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That Magical Day I Became a Mother – Part 1

Black shirt with March baby

~ It’s not very wise to go to a concert a few days before you are expecting to give birth to your first child. Keep reading to learn how I found that out.

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Why You Must Be Careful When Going To a Concert

~ Escaping life for a few hours was a must before my soon teenage motherhood life began. Find out why there is no way in the WORLD I will ever forget this one concert.  

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Unplanned Pregnancies – Then VS Now ~ Part 2

~ “Marianne, write your story,” I heard over and over again. But I couldn’t. Life was too much different way back then vs now, 35 years later. That is until…

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Unplanned Pregnancies – Then Versus Now ~Part 1

~ People can say unplanned pregnancies are very different today than they were thirty-some ago. What do you think? Keep reading and find out what I think; or better yet, what I know after having been pregnant back then.

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