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Proof God Cares Continues

We all have gone through trials. We all have gone through pain. We all have endured some type of soap opera. We all have times we wish we could erase. But hopefully you can see that, like I say often, God’s plans are perfect. Open up this song now as the words explain a bit how my unplanned pregnancy showed me God is faithful to the end.

When was the last time you, slowly but surely, began putting piece by piece together, finally seeing how God places one thing after another to have you see He’s there holding you. I’ve shared a bit in past postings how, through my unplanned pregnancy, bit’s and pieces were having me sense He was holding me. I can’t help but now share one more obvious blessing. It’s something that was noticed only a few weeks after Cassie was born. With this, however, I’ll just let my book explain.


God and Your Pillow – From Chapter 12

Yep, things were looking good. Just a few more weeks after she was born, I was thrilled at my weight! Remember how I hadn’t gained enough weight those last few months? Well, it turns out that all the weight I did gain came off easily, and more! I don’t know why in the world that happened, but I sure wasn’t complaining. Too bad I couldn’t sell this secret diet and make millions. I was so uncomfortable with my weight before, so I added this to my list of God’s many blessings. He spoiled me by even having me weigh less than before I got pregnant. He, alone, I give credit to. Nothing I did, that’s for sure.


I took this example He surprised me with as one more proof that, as the song says, God stays right there with us to the end. He finishes what He’s starts. He’ll even go an extra mile and surprise you, as He sure surprised me.

True, it may take a while for any of us to see that God’s plans are unfolding. Days, weeks, months, or perhaps even years will go by before you notice His hands intertwined somehow, someway. But be patient. You’ll see it.

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‘THAT’S IT!’ – 3 Father’s Day Fathers

Have you ever had a sudden ‘THAT’S IT!’ thought pop up? It sure popped up to me just now as I was finalizing a post you would have been reading right now. While typing away, I began texting back and forth with a few of my kids about a plan they had forming for Fathers day. Quickly, ‘THAT’S IT!’ hit me; FATHERS DAY !

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Book-God and Your Pillow

10 Things Learned With the New Title ‘Mother’

Have you ever been stunned at something you became. Perhaps you know you would have a certain title soon but didn’t really know what it would feel like. I was given one of the most important titles back in 1987. That title?

Mother –

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That ‘First’ List Began

Do you ever recall a certain thought you’ve had at one particular time? Maybe it was just last week. Maybe last year. Or perhaps it was like that certain thought I had, thirty-one years ago. I still recall how this one certain word began coming to mind with every breath I was taking. That word? First.

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Book-God and Your Pillow

My Baby and The Bandaid

My baby, now in my arms. — That sentence explains to you what changed my life.

This new life of mine began March 9th, 1987, at the age of nineteen. That was when I became a new mother who was happy and scared at the same time. I was holding my seven pound, three ounce daughter who turned my Me, Myself and I, into Me, My Baby, and God. God showed me even more He was right there along side me as this new chapter of my life began.

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