About Marianne

Hello! I, Marianne, am glad to meet you.

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Let’s fast-forward from the time shared in my book – God and My Pillow – to now; thirty-three years later. I’m married, the mother of four, and a grandmother of five. During all these years, I’ve learned that God has held onto me rather tightly while this family has been bustling through life with expected and unexpected changes

As my book shows how the title ‘Mother’ came upon me, I now am reaching out to others with that important title – Parent. More on that subject as months go by under Parenting with a goal to encourage parents or soon-to-be parents.

About Me

one woman three kids lying down all heads touching
“Okay, Grandkids. Say ‘Cheeeeeese’.”

Where I live: Seattle, Washington.
Who I live with: My husband, Chris. – Coming up on our 33rd anniversary.
Who I’m thankful lives close by:
My 5 Grand Kids!
What I do with free time: I love going where there’s sun to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, with a good book or paper & pen in hand.
And of course, grabbing my phone to play Spider Solitare.

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