I was born the youngest of seven on April 1st, 1967 in Cocoa Beach Florida, settling down a few years later in Normandy Park, Washington – a neighborhood close to Seattle. While growing up, I tried a few sports, but soon found out that playing saxophone was more my cup of tea. Writing wasn’t too far behind my favorite subject, which was studying to hopefully have a career with TV/Movie production.

In 1985 – the summer after I graduated – God graciously showed me I was one of His chosen, encouraging me in my new life ahead. But a year later, something unexpected altered my plans. My dreams evaporated. My book, God and Your Pillow, shares what rough road I found myself on.

As years went by, happily married and our family swiftly growing, many said I should write my soap opera God carried me through in order to encourage others. Finally, one certain person’s request got me to begin getting my story on paper. And then, after a few years of finding free time to write, and our four children were getting older, my book God and Your Pillow was finally complete.

box of books




You should have seen my face six months after it got published when my book received the award as a finalist in the Best Book Awards.  (5th book down)



I’m now in the making of another memoir of an unexpected brain illness I encountered in 1990. It too is to encourage others, reminding all readers that, even though things can be tough, God knows what He’s doing, and His plans are perfect.

Time now to get on my important ‘I love’ list.

I love . . .

Video Designing
Pork With A Smile (name I gave my favorite dinner)
The color purple
When my grandkids run up to hug me.
Smily Face logo
Cozy Slippers
Hot Tubs
A cozy blanket next to a book
Not coffee
Being up before the sun shows up
My husband
My kids
My grandkids

4 Grandkids

and – saving the best for last – the Lord.

As of 2019, I’m part of Northwest Christian Writers Academy, and have been asked to share writings here-and-there on a few other websites.  I enjoy keeping my own website going while working at home doing professional video design/editing. Aside from work, I focus on my book that’s out, while working on my next. With free time, I love going where there’s sun to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, with a good book or paper & pen at hand.