About Marianne

Let us fast-forward from the time shared in my book to now; thirty-two years later. I’m married, the mother of four, and a grandmother of five. All those years, from beginning to end, I’ve kept that ever-so important title ‘Home Maker’. Those years included homeschooling, to mastering driving them to and from private and/or public schools. I’m proud to hold the title Soccer Mom, Sunday School teacher, and, of course the one that made sure our dog wasn’t left outside each night. And, being I have kept a journal since I was twelve, I felt it a must to keep a little diary for each of my kids as they’ve grown up, handing it to each when they moved out.

During all these years, I’ve learned that God has held onto me rather tightly while this family has been bustling through life with the expected and unexpected changes that have taken place.

Since 2014, I’ve been part of Northwest Christian Writers Association, and have been asked to share writings here-and-there on a few other websites.  I enjoy keeping my own website going while working at home doing professional video design/editing. Aside from work, I focus on my book that’s out, while working on my next. With free time, I love going where there’s sun to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, with a good book or paper & pen in hand. 

Time now to get on my important ‘I love’ list.

I love . . .

Video Designing
Pork With A Smile (name I gave my favorite dinner)
The color purple
When my grandkids run up to hug me.
That good old Smily Face logo. smile
Cozy Slippers
Hot Tubs
A blanket next to a book
Not coffee
Being up before the sun shows up
My husband, Chris
My kids –  Cassie, Trina, Scott, and Carl
My grandkids –  (by age) Hayben, Knox, Lincoln, Genesse and Finley.

and – saving the best for last – the Lord.

Below are what a few have shared on Amazon about God and My Pillow.

“I couldn’t put this book down! Marianne writes as though she is having a conversation with the reader, and the content itself is incredibly thought-provoking. This is a great read for anyone, whether you have an unplanned pregnancy, have been angry at God because you didn’t understand, or just feel you need to confirm your faith. Wonderfully done!” – Julia
“Such a pleasure to read such an honest and inspiring book. I didn’t want to put my book down. I felt happy and inspired at the end. Marianne has a way to draw you in and love the ride as you read.” – Anonymous
“Love this book, can’t put it down. Marianne’s style of writing is refreshing and unique. I will definitely be looking for more of her writings!” – S. Potra