About Marianne

Hello! I, Marianne, am glad to meet you.

Let’s fast-forward from the time shared in my book to now; thirty-three years later. I’m married, the mother of four, and a grandmother of five. I’ve kept that ever-so-important title ‘Home Maker’, ‘Soccer Mom’, and ‘Sunday School teacher’. And, being I have kept a journal since I was twelve, I felt it a must to keep a little diary for each of my kids as they’ve grown up, handing it to each when they moved out.

During all these years, I’ve learned that God has held onto me rather tightly while this family has been bustling through life with the expected and unexpected changes.

Since 2014, I’ve been part of the Northwest Christian Writers Association, and have been asked to share writings here-and-there on a few other websites.  I enjoy keeping my own website going while working at home doing professional video design/editing. With free time, I love going where there’s sun to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, with a good book or paper & pen in hand. 

About Me

Where I live: SeaTac, Washington. Sure, it’s close to Seatac airport but I never get tired seeing planes fly right outside my home-office window.

Who I live with: My husband Chris – coming up on 33rd anniversary.

Who I’m thankful lives close my: My 5 Grand Kids!

What I do with my time: Aside from making sense of the notes I wrote to myself the day before, I do professional video designing, and book-related or website work.

What I do in my spare time: Aside from wishing I had more, spend time with my . . . GRANDKIDS!

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