– God and Your Pillow –

How an Unplanned Pregnancy Taught Me to Truly Trust God. 

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With honesty and a speck of humor, this story shows how God can turn the life of one going through one tough soap opera into a good ol’ fashion love story.



At nineteen, Marianne felt God guiding her on an exciting journey. She had chosen a career and was on her way . . . until an unplanned pregnancy interrupted. Feeling she was a ‘good Christian’ came to a halt. Uncertainty surrounded her as an illegal secret erupted. God and her pillow – the only two who knew all her thoughts – helped her endure the soap-opera. As time passed, it became evident God lifted her up, holding her throughout pregnancy and delivery, to then gently put her down to start a life far better than she had dreamed. But how far? Read it to find out.


Privileged to have received the title as a Best Book Awards Finalist.  





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