I have a passion to help others going through tougher-than-normal trials, especially those going through what God helped me through; my unplanned pregnancy at 19 yrs old.
To encourage others, I wrote what I went through in my book God and My Pillow
After all, aren’t those the two that
knew all my secret thoughts?

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“A perfect book for the young woman who has found herself in the same predicament as the author. It acts as a forewarning to any young girl. It can be frightening to be thrust into adulthood by challenging circumstances. Reading this book encouraged me to face my own unique challenges, and take responsibility knowing that I can trust Jesus all the way.”
– Mrs. Redhed

“Once I started reading this, I could not put it down. Reminiscing about high school, boyfriends, girlfriend drama, football games, and best of all, family quirks! But all that aside, Marianne takes your heart right to hers; the tears, the pain, the laughter, the agony and finally, the redemption. A total soap opera turned into an amazing love story.”
– Lynette Bishop

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~ About Me

~ I’ve shared my story via Zoom and websites about my book, or better worded, my story. I do that to encourage writers, others going through trials, and those who cherish life.
~ I plan to be reading little parts of my book to you, via youtube, giving a taste of why you’ll want to be getting this memoir in your own hands.
~ My husband and I live in SeaTac, Washington; a few miles away from where my story took place.
~ Mother of four adult children. (The first in my story)
~ A devoted grandmother to my five grand children!
~ If free time is at hand, (notice I said ‘IF’) I love going where there’s sunshine to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, and a good book or paper & pen in hand.
But, in reality, just relaxing on our couch while playing Spider Solitaire on my phone.

~ Let’s keep in touch!

The best way to connect is through email. You can reach me at . . .
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