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Marianne Petersen

I, Marianne, am one who wants to inspire others, looking for ways to help them find hope. I do that, showing from past trials I’ve endured, that God knows what He’s doing. I hope what you read provides a little encouragement to many. May you realize that a few things I share just might be that little extra boost you just might need. A few extra topics I just couldn’t keep quiet about are also shared via blogs in a few other categories.

My goal is to share how God carried me through one tougher-than-normal trial, now shared via my book titled God and My PillowAfter all, aren’t those the two that knew all of my thoughts?

The book was awarded the year it came out in 2018 and again in 2019. WHOO HOOO ! 

Mrs. Redhed“A perfect book for the young woman who has found herself in the same predicament as the author. It acts as a forewarning to any young girl. It can be frightening to be thrust into adulthood by challenging circumstances. Reading this book encouraged me to face my own unique challenges, and take responsibility knowing that I can trust Jesus all the way.” – Mrs. Redhed

Lynette Bishop“Once I started reading this, I could not put it down. Reminiscing about high school, boyfriends, girlfriend drama, football games, and best of all, family quirks! But all that aside, Marianne takes your heart right to hers; the tears, the pain, the laughter, the agony and finally, the redemption. A total soap opera turned into an amazing love story.” – Lynette Bishop
God and My Pillow – Learning to Trust Through the unexpected
available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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