My Story Finally Meets The Freeway

~ It’s always a relief when you finally get on the freeway. Keep reading and find out why I’m using a freeway to explain my book – or better yet, my story – of my unplanned pregnancy.

Ten years ago, I had been greatly encouraged to share my story of how God carried me through my unplanned pregnancy. But being a wife, a mother of four, plus starting my own video designing business, I drove my book-writing road slowly. I like to say how getting each chapter finished was the gas that kept me going.

Finally, my book was published!

Okay, now what?
How am I to get set on my freeway with my book; set in my ways of who to reach.
As I shared in my last writing, I was coming upon many stoplights until ‘Pro-Life’ directions were frequently showing up on my phone’s google map six months ago. Was that the main road I was to be on with my book? Looking into Pro-life organizations, liking what I was learning, had me connect with a few. Soon, organizations started requesting me to speak. Marianne Zoom Petersen was my new name for I began talking via Zoom to high school/college Pro-life groups. Repeat after me – “MARIANNE WAS THRILLED!” (Marianne was thrilled.)

I still wasn’t certain, however, if that Pro-Life Freeway Entrance sign was the one I was to take. That is until a few weeks back when more opportunities began opening up, expecially with these two.
Great Life Teens and Students for Life of America.

I am full of excitement and energy to connect with these two, and, Lord willing, more. Could it be God has been wanting me to focus more on my ‘Story‘ and not so much on my ‘Book‘?

I like to think I’ve been encouraged to encourage; to encourage those who are part of Pro-life organizations with my story.

Why am I sharing this? To encourage you if you’re not sure what road you are on. Stop signs, being low on gas, or those entire detour routs may discourage you. But be patient, do your best, and pray.

God’s timing is perfect and He is there to help you FINALLY see your very own Freeway sign.


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