Just Another Birthday

Birthday Cake with Candles

~ I hold strongly to two facts. God’s timing is perfect, and I love songs. Read more to find out why these two facts, plus my birthday, go hand-in-hand.

Life’s been happily crazy as of late which made me unable to have a new post ready. I thus decided to share an old one from a list of songs I shared a few years back. This one quickly stood out. Not because my birthday is tomorrow but because it got me thinking about my unplanned pregnancy from years past.

What you will now read is that original post.

Being in a Christian book store a few years back to grab a new CD on my ‘Must Get’ list, I saw an older CD from the same group.

Oh, why not. I’m sure I’ll love their older songs, too.

Out of curiosity, I popped that one in as soon as I got in the car.

I like this song. This other one’s COOL, too!  And this one. Glad I got this CD.

Then the one you are about to hear came on. The words hit me hard.
As you listen, and if you know the story behind my book, you’ll know why. 

These words described my entire story almost to the ‘T’.
Aside from two small details, it’s as if I wrote this song. 
Because of that, A few tears form each time I listen.

My relationship with my father back then was much like this song shares. Plus, the age was exact during my pregnancy. I felt I was looking at myself through it all. I melted, even more, when it shared she had a daughter. ME TOO!

Another reason it’s perfect for me is that it centers around a birthday; my daughter was born a few weeks before my birthday. My best gift.

I picture myself going through my soap opera all over again. Not the bad parts of my story but the good. It reminds me how my heavenly Father carried me, holding me tight throughout my song.

Can you think of a song that describes something you’ve been through?
There’s got to be at least one that makes you feel you should be the one singing.

Back to today, March 31, 2021, my last day as a 53-year old. Finding this old post was God’s birthday gift, reminding me He was with me then, and that He’s with me now. Keeping in mind He’s here, I’m here, and my daughter is here. (Just turned 34, and only a 30 minute drive away.) This reminder just made my birthday this year a bit more special.

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