Is God opening up a new road for you, too?

~ I love driving. That’s what got me to describe the road my story and I are on.

Have you grown closer to the Lord through trials? Did you just nod your head up-and-down with your answer? I sure have. What I went through at age 19 got me to grow closer to Him which had me want to share my story: my unplanned pregnancy when 19 yrs old.

The first four words of the title explain perfectly the two that knew all my thoughts during that time.
God and My Pillow – Learning to Trust Through the Unexpected
(A Memoir)

My entire purpose is to encourage those going through this type, and other types of trials, which has had me lately feel the push to share my story with groups.

But what groups?

Time to get on that road to find out. With prayer, studying, and checking different things out, I was still coming upon many stoplights. I wasn’t finding that freeway with a solid plan ahead. That sign of a freeway entrance was nowhere to be found.

Then, as I shared a few weeks ago, up popped Pro-Life organizations. Information I was finding started being stored in the backseat. Soon, I couldn’t see well out the back window so the front seat began holding a few things as well. My heart grew more and more in wanting to pursue Pro-life study and Pro-life organizations. Before too long…

“Oh, my,” I said to myself last week. “Things are opening up for me to speak! I’m not asking them, they’re asking me!”

surprised yellow female smily face

Could that freeway be getting closer? I’ll share in the next week or two if I get, Lord willing, closer to that well waited for ‘Entrance’ sign.

Time to now ask how is your driving? Are you driving after something? Are you on that road feeling you’re running into too many red lights? Maybe your getting closer to a freeway. Or maybe you’re happily under cruise control while listening to that perfect radio station.
I’d love to hear!
Pass me a note where your drive is taking you.

Matt 6:33 – But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all those things (like finding that freeway) shall be added unto you.

Before I close, I can’t help but share something I’m thankful to be part of; a tool God used to help me get closer to this freeway – Instagram. Feel free to check it out here.

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