What I Learned From One Little Boy

~ Do you recall learning something from a little child that, years later, is still glued to your heart? Keep reading to find out what that something was I learned.

Good chance there is something you witnessed years ago you’ll never forget? A good reason is because it took place at the perfect time. That’s what happened to me.

Let me share what happened as a short piece from my book, God and My Pillow, when I was about six-months along in my unplanned pregnant.

God and My Pillow – Chapter 9

A part-time job I got at the YMCA was enjoyable and filled up some of my empty hours. Looking after little kindergarten-aged children did a few things for me. It helped me pass the time; helped me make a little money; and helped me realize I’m going to have a child this age really soon.

       Kind of weird thinking the third one, that’s for sure. But I didn’t mind, for I was learning important things. Being the youngest of seven, I had never really been around younger kids on a daily basis. Sure, I did have a little time with Kelly’s two boys around, two years and four years old. But that didn’t count. I knew they were cute, crazy little boys, and I had fun being an aunt once every few weeks for a few hours. But seeing different kids at this daycare every day was profitable for me, realizing how parents play a big role in their child’s life.

       I sensed something in one little boy, that his home life wasn’t that positive, and I can, to this day, still picture how his face was either sad or mad, with words to match his look. He caused me to think how I wanted my own baby to grow up instead, with sweet smiles to pass around.

As those few months went by, day after day spending time with that boy, I began realizing how he was teaching me something important: how your childhood at home can truly affect what kind of person you will become. Realizing this made me want to show sparks of joy to this little boy. It wasn’t often, but whenever I did something that made him smile sure made me smile as well.

“Oh, my goodness, ” I began thinking.
“I’m already starting to think like a mom.”

drawing of shocked womans face

When all that took place years ago, I made a vow to myself because of that sad boy. I promised myself to make sure my baby would sense love, joy, and peace growing up, all intertwined with giggles.

Is there something you’ve witnessed that shaped you into who you are now? Good chance you have. There are often things we witness outside of our home that help mold us in how we think and feel for years. Next time I’ll be sharing something I learned from another sad example. But that one came from inside of my home.

To be continued.

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