First Time ‘Pregnant’ Goes In My Journal

Your Journal Holds All Your Thoughts

~ Time again I share a bit from my journal. Time now to read what my heart was putting on paper during my pregnancy.

If you’ve been one following my posts about my unplanned pregnancy, then you might be ready to take this test. See if you notice from my journal below any information I left out. If you haven’t been following my story, then go back to this post here for one big clue.

January 2, 1987 (I was 19 years old)
Okay, let’s see. A lot has happened this last year. April of ‘86 I drove down to Santa Maria and lived with Debbie for three months, and worked at the Hilton Hotel in room service. On my return home I was faced with my niece’s tumor and seeing her die. She died in September. So sad. In the meantime, God showed me the direction my life was to take. He gave me a baby. As of this writing, I am seven-and-a-half months along in my pregnancy. Things are fine as long as Jesus is close by. If it wasn’t for His will for my life, I’d go crazy! I’m making it through just fine. Praise God!
. . .  Oh, and the space shuttle blew up since I last wrote. It’s been a very tough year.


Did you notice some rather important information I did not write about?
If you did, good job! If not, I’ll tell you now.
Back then, I felt no need to get into all the detail about my three-month life-altering life I lived in California. No detail at all about that relationship I had. No writing about guilt, worry, or stress I was drowning in months before that writing.

No way in the world I would forget anything that took place in California, but the main reason I left so much out was because it was all behind me. Only writing what I did was my way of confirming to myself that God wanted me to just focus on what was on the road ahead.

Support from family and friends I sure felt, and as past blog writings share, God kept letting me know He was right there as well. 

Yes, learn what you can from all those tough times in your past. But I want to encourage anyone who still allows old negative times or events to keep tapping you on your back to make them stop!
Instead, cling to God even more as you sink in these words . . .

I will be honest. I was far from overflowing with peace and joy day-in and day-out. Even though my pregnancy was easy thus far, along with support all around me, my thoughts still kept me awake for many nights. God and my pillow were the only ones who knew all my worries and concerns while still feeling many of my tears.

To be continued.

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