Noticeable Blessing During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 5)

woman standing on weigher

~ “I love all the weight I’m gaining in this unplanned pregnancy,” said no one ever. Why am I bringing that up now? Continue reading and find out.

After sharing why I was thankful for my doctor in my last pregnancy post, I’ll now share how something she said shocked me. One visit during my seventh month caused my mouth to drop as she told me some unexpected news.

But before I have you read a bit from my book, try to think of some unexpected information that brought a smile to your face. Or better yet, something that makes you grin each time you see something.
I hope what you will now read encourages you to thank God when you find unexpected news that makes you grin ear to ear.

Let my memoir – God and My Pillow – explain


God and My Pillow – Chapter 9

A bit overweight, big sweatshirts were my normal attire. And, of course, we all know the weight gained during pregnancy isn’t such an enjoyable fact to accept. But out of the blue, after I got my routine weight checked, she said, “No real worry, but I must say you are not the weight you should be by now.”
“Oh, great. I need to watch my weight? I’m gaining too much?” I asked.
“No. Actually, you haven’t gained the amount of weight that is normal. You need to eat a bit more for that baby. Are you dieting at all?” she asked.
“No. I’m not eating tons of junk, but not dieting.”
“Well, just eat more good food. More than you have been,” she instructed. “From now on, each time you come in, I want to see a few more pounds than the normal gain you should be showing. Understand?”
Understand? With the biggest grin, I understood.

On the way to each doctor’s visit from then on, I stopped and grabbed a good old foot-long Subway sandwich across the street from the doctor’s office. After all, I had to make sure I would show the most weight gain possible, right? Since I currently live in the same area, I still giggle inside every time I drive past that Subway.


I’ll never forget that talk. I must have been the happiest 19-year-old when she told me that.
And since I was already a bit overweight when I first got pregnant, that visit was one of many other ways I felt God used to keep me hanging onto Him during the entire pregnancy.

Many don’t instantly feel like giving God credit for being told they need to eat more, but I couldn’t help it. I felt He wanted to take that extra weight off my back (pun intended) of feeling fat during those last few months of my teen pregnancy.

Why am I sharing this? To encourage you when it’s hard to find any joy in anything when smacked in the middle of a tough trial. Little pieces of information that make you smile could be God’s way of letting you know He’s right there.

I hope what you just read encourages you to thank God when you get some unexpected news, causing you to grin ear-to-ear. He may even make something rather small make you smile – even if it’s just a simple subway sandwich.

Subway sandwich

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