Why Keep a Journal?


Many ask ‘Why keep a journal?’ My answer –  Why NOT keep a journal?
After all, our mind is crowded with a million thoughts every day, and sometimes it’s best to just vent them out on paper. Read more if you’re curious what I wrote in mine.

Years ago I thought life might go better if I threw my thoughts down on paper, making room for other thoughts wrestling around in my head. I started keeping a journal in 1979, when twelve years old. Looking back at the joys, trials, frustrations and excitements I went through has been funny, sad, encouraging, and even a bit embarrassing.

Want to see what my very first writing was?

December 25, 1979 (12 yrs old)
Well diary, today was Christmas and I got lots of neat stuff like clothes, jewelry, a cool lamp, calendar, makeup and this diary! I’m so happy. Tonight our family seemed to be really close. We told jokes, played games and brought back memories.

Bye until tomorrow.

Short, sweet and simple. As I wrote off-and-on those first few years, more of my heart was being shared. Let’s see how different my writing looked after five years went by.

May 14, 1985 (18 yrs old)
Sorry, journal. It’s been a while since I last wrote. A quick update. I graduate from Highline High school in twenty-nine days. I’m Eighteen years old and no, life is not easier at eighteen. I have my own car, a Capri. Attend Occupational Skills Center course and love being there half of each school day for the Visual Communication class. Work for Doug Fox Travel driving people to and from the airport while also being a ball girl for the Seattle Mariners. I will be going next year to Highline Community College.

Here. Let me stop. All sounds pretty great don’t ya think? Well . . . the next sentences alters that sound just a hair.

But I am now more confused about the love life. — I have spent the last week-end visiting my best friend and her dorm life. Now listen, love is confusing. As the song goes ‘I’m Hooked on a Feeling’ after that one week-end with the guy I met there. UG!
But now, the most important part. Keep reading.
I’m on my journey to understanding Christianity and what Jesus can do for me. With my two best friends being religious now, it’s all just kinda weird but I’m learning. Is living with love important? Do I depend on finding love too much? God will reward me but when? What’s the Answer? I shall write again. Maybe when my questions are answered.

Bye bye until tomorrow.

Two years later.

January 2, 1987
How to even begin explaining the past year and a half. The best way to explain is that I got the answer to my last journal-writing’s many questions.

To be continued.
See you next week if you find yourself curious what that answer was.

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