Who Is The Author Of Your Story?

~ Do you ever think of your life as a story? If you don’t, then perhaps you should keep reading.

I couldn’t help but send a reminder as this crazy year of 2020 has come to an end.
That reminder is one of my favorite facts: God’s plans are perfect.
I know it’s been a crazy year to keep that fact pinned to your mind, but that’s where the word ‘Faith’ fits in.

I want to start 2021 sharing one more reminder. But first, I want you to think of a book or movie you loved reading or watching. Good chance at the end it had made sense as you saw all the pieces fit.

Time now to apply that to ourselves. Except there’s one fact. Our story of life is not done. Right now, we all are somewhere between the first and last page of our book or movie about our very own life that’s already been written.

“WHAT? Already written?”

drawing of shocked womans face

During this last Sunday’s message at church, something was worded in such a way I’ll never forget. God is the author of our story. We just Can’t read ahead.

Pondering on that sentence that afternoon had me think of this song called Already There by Casting Crowns.
As you listen, you’ll see why.

This song shares how God is standing at the end of our life, waiting for us on the other side. He’s there, ready to show us why our life has, is, and will go as He planned; the good times, and yes, even the bad.

His plan off and on in our life may not be close to what we would want. My illness and my unplanned pregnancy are two perfect examples. But those two, along with others, proved to me that God deserves trust, even when it feels the world is caving in.

There may be worry, pain, and even tears. Good chance that well-known ‘Why’ or ‘Where’s God’ questions could be taking over, especially lately.

Sad woman looking down

But try to remember, God will never abandon you, and His sovereignty is intertwined in everything. Try to keep an umbrella over your worries made with one simple fact; He’s your father, He loves you, and is in control of every event; even those we don’t understand it all as this new year starts. Just remember, as the song says, one day He’ll stand before you, looking back at the life you’ve lived. You’ll be enjoying the view with Him, and see how all the pieces of your life fit.

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

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