Noticeable Blessing During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 3)

two hands putting together puzzle


~ We often feel our life is like a puzzle. Read how this situation I encountered during my unplanned pregnancy was a piece of the puzzle God was slowing but perfectly putting together. 

Month by month, piece by piece, my unplanned pregnancy puzzle was being put together. God wanted me to see that each piece was fitting picture perfectly together. I’ve lately been sharing a few of those pieces, showing what took place during my pregnancy at the tender age of nineteen. Here is the last I shared.

I’m now sharing another piece of that puzzle, straight from my book, God and My Pillow.

God and My Pillow – Chapter 4

One week now until Greg would fly up from California. One week left to pretend there was no huge change about to happen in my life. An entire week to enjoy me, myself, and I. No one I had to hang around with. No one I had to force myself to be comfortable around. Only me, my pillow, and, of course, this child I was carrying. God was so helpful even in that area. No morning sickness at all. Yep. I repeat, no morning sickness. Sure, an occasional slightly nauseous feeling, but nothing like I had been warned about. Well, maybe once. I’ll never forget the one—I repeat—one time I did throw up. It was late in the afternoon after eating a can of fruit I was craving. Peaches, to be exact.

Obviously I didn’t crave them anymore after that—how shall I say it?—quaint time leaning over the sink, letting those peaches pop back out. Seeing canned peaches in stores now always brings back that memory.

I assume the two words ‘NOT FARE’ are going through the minds of many who have experienced morning sickness? To this day, 34 years later, I think of that day whenever I see a can of peaches at the grocery store. I never wholeheartedly considered that one time even close to morning sickness. Actually, the entire pregnancy was nothing close to what I had been warned it would be like. I like to say that since God knew His plans were going to get a bit tougher for me that month, He decided just to keep morning sickness’s out of the picture.

Next week’s story is also about food, except that one will explain why a certain type of food from one certain place causes me to smile. Memories can be wonderful.

Did you ever have a common unpleasant expectation God spared you from?

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