Hold On. God Knows What He’s Doing

outdoor sign Hold On

As we all know, life has had an interruption as of late. Continue reading because I can’t help but share how it has interrupted me.

Today is November 3rd; the day everyone’s life is interrupted with voting – my life included. That, along with a few other things, has interrupted my writing-time as of late. And because it is election day, I felt it’s time I just pass on to you four simple but profound words; words I hold to rather tightly.

God’s plans are perfect.

Because of past trials God’s held me through, I hold to those four words dearly. He has proven that to me over and over. My book that I’ve been sharing as of late is one of those times. But believe me, He’s shown that to me many times since.

I can’t help to pass along those four words today to encourage all to remember that short but deep sentence. Remember, whoever wins Presidency, along with all the other people and issues we’ve taken the time to vote on, trust God.

But why?
Why trust God when things sometimes are incredibly messed up and questionable?
Because, as I said with those four simple words…
God’s plans are perfect.

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