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The Hardest Phone Call to Make (Part 2)

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~Time to think; think about the hardest phone call you’ve ever had to make. Time now I continue sharing that call I had to make…and will never forget.

I shared in my last post about a phone call I could not avoid making. In this post, I’m sharing what happened after I heard “Hello”. I’m going to share a piece directly from my book – God and My Pillow – showing how I explained that unforgettable call I made three weeks after we broke up.


God and My Pillow – Chapter two

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ri…
It was him. It hit me hard. It’s him.
“Hello.”  Does he recognize my voice?  “Is this Greg?”
“Yes, it is. Is this Marianne?” I could tell from his tone of voice that he was surprised.
“Yes, it is.”
“Oh. Well, hello.”


Should I talk about the weather for a spell? No.

“If you’re wondering why I’m calling, I’m, I’m calling to let you know I’m pregnant and that the the baby is yours.


“You’re . . . pregnant?”
A little space between those words.

Silence. I knew I needed to allow him a little time to breathe and come out of shock, but finally I had to say something. I said, a bit slower than normal, “So, what are you thinking?”

His answer showed that he didn’t know what in the world to think.

Why am I sharing this small part of my memoir?

because I do not plan to share much information about him from now on. Why?

My book should be the one to show his personality.
My book should be the one to explain why a fake smile was all I could wear for weeks.
My book should be the one to share why one phone call turned my life upside down.

But above all, my book should be the one to show how God carried me, from beginning to end, through this entirely confusing relationship. I could pass a clue or two later on in my posts what happened during that month before he left; we’ll see.

But for now, let me just say that if you get my book, you’ll read about that one unforgettable day my mom became Mrs. King Kong.

I do intend to keep writing what I went through, but focus more on what I learned about me, myself, . . . and my baby.

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