The Hardest Phone Call To Make (Part 1)

~ We’ve all made a phone call we dreaded making. Find out how mine went when I had to tell my old boyfriend two words; I’m pregnant.

As I’ve recently shared, I was relieved after telling my parents I was pregnant, with an abundant amount of love from both of them softening my guilt. They showed no signs of anger, frustration, or shame. Love was all I felt.

Thankfully, that love they expressed —along with my six older siblings—was the start of feeling that God was already helping me at the beginning of this tough road. But I still wasn’t feeling totally at peace in telling the entire world. Just my immediate family, plus my pillow, which had soaked up my many thoughts and tears thus far, were all I could bear to tell for a few days.

As those few days passed, I told my best friend. That talk proved even more why she was my best friend. There was, of course, one other person who filled up most of my thoughts knowing that’s who I’d tell next; my ex-boyfriend the father.

It was impossible not to think of how and when to tell him. Ninety-nine percent of me didn’t want to include him, but that small one percent won. I had to tell him. Even though our relationship ended a few weeks before the thought of taking that pregnancy test even existed, no longer could I keep sweeping that phone call under the rug.

“Marianne,” my mother mentioned a time or two-HUNDRED, “just call him and get it over with.”

She was right. I couldn’t use ‘I’m too busy’ anymore being I had no job. Plus, I wasn’t in any mood to just hang out with friends to fill up time.

Thomas Jefferson’s saying Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today  caused me to pick up the phone connected in my bedroom. (Yes, all this was before cordless phones even existed.)

Ring, ring.
Ring, ring.
Ring, ri…



To be continued. (Part 2)

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