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My Book, a Song, God’s Timing and You

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That Unforgettable Drive

~ We all love surprises. Find out how a Certain song playing as I drove sure surprised me.

Have you ever had a perfect song start playing at the perfect time? That sure happened to me a few years back. But at that time, I had one thought taking over. That thought?
What song should I include at the end of my almost-finished book; God and My Pillow.
Being I love music, I was determined to share a song that helps describe my story towards the end of my book.

But what song? What song to choose seemed almost impossible to decide.

So there I was, driving and pondering while listing to the radio.
A certain song began to play.
“Oh, I’ve never heard this song before.”
After that first verse, I was glued.

As more verses went by, a few tears began forming because each word described me to the ‘T’ in how I felt during my unplanned pregnancy.
“This song is a MUST for me to buy!”  

It didn’t take long for me to thank God for planning the timing of that song.

As soon as I got home, I ran to my computer to downloaded it as soon as I could, followed by finding the lyrics to put them somehow, some way, in my book.

Business woman typing on keyboard

I”ll never forget that drive.

Thus far, I’ve shared here about my book, a song, and God’s timing. It’s time now to bring up the last on that list: You.
As you listen to this song, see if you can see why it was a MUST for my book. But then one more thing. See if it fits into any stories you’ve had in your past as well.

If you feel like giving up on some tough ordeal you’re going through, if you see no end in sight, and have done all that you can, then think about what this song is saying. If you find yourself on your knees and feel far away from God, you best remember He’s right there. You’re not alone. Stop holding on, and, like the song says, just be held.

As my last post shared, my book is now available, sharing my tougher than normal trial of an unplanned pregnancy. Its purpose is to encourage, letting the reader know they are not alone.

Marianne’s book – God and My Pillow is through Amazon & Barnes & Noble.
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