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My Life-Saving Lesson

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Ever feel like you were hit with a terrible storm. Read what brought me a speck of peace in the worst storm I felt I entered 33 yrs ago; finding out I was pregnant when only nineteen.

I’m continuing here from my last writing that shared how I, at 19 years old, found out I was pregnant. I’ll never forget how I felt while driving up to that building for my free pregnancy test. I’ll never forget what I saw while walking in, doing my darndest to look relaxed as I began talking to the woman who greeted me. My book shares how, after twenty minutes after entering, I felt numb having just learned what ‘Positive’ meant from a pregnancy test.

No. No. I can’t be pregnant, I couldn’t stop thinking.
Yes, my test was ‘Positive’ but being ‘Positive’ instantly made me feel pretty negative about myself.

After a minute or two of silence, the lady asked, “Is it okay if I ask you, now that this test shows you are pregnant, what you think you should do?”

I took a deep breath, feeling like I needed to be strong and not fall into a pit of despair.

“Yes, you can. I . . . I think I should get an abortion. You may not understand what the Christian faith is all about, but I want to please God and be a good witness to others.”
But deep down, escaping the embarrassment of being pregnant when only nineteen was just as big a reason.

Those next few minutes were priceless. You see, I learned right then that the place I was in was a Christian organization.

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That Unforgettable Talk

She could tell I was young and uninformed, and showed me verse after verse what God’s word says about forgiveness. I soaked each one up. She confirmed that it was life in the womb, and that God knew this human being inside of me. It changed my entire ignorant-filled view on abortion. God used that one woman to open my eyes to a few facts I had no idea existed.

While there, I watched a video showing what a five-week-old in the womb actually looked like along with how the baby grows. It had me in tears for even thinking of having an abortion. I grasped the fact that God is my Father, He loves me, and knew this baby that was forming inside me.

When it was time for me to leave, I was fully at peace, and thanked that woman over and over again. To this day I still remember what true comfort I felt while walking back to my car. It’s unexplainable how God comforted me.

Yes, I knew a tough road was ahead…

but more importantly knew God would be right there with me.

While walking to my car, I realized God was the one that made the first place I called not answer while making sure that second place did. If that first call was answered, I’m almost certain Planned Parenthood would have let my emotions take over and do what I thought was right; abort.

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces here as weeks go my journey while pregnant to encourage others going through an unplanned pregnancy. But it’s not just for them. My story is for anyone going through any type storm, feeling like their world is shaken. If any of you feel the waters won’t stop rising, and fell like you are going through it all in the dead of night, I hope what I learned will rub off onto others; that God’s plans, even if it’s just with a phone call, are perfect.

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