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Discouraging Questions Brought Me Encouraging Answers

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-We all need some encouraging words when we feel like we’re being held back from moving forward.

Have you ever pondered on too many questions that floated around for too long, thus causing too many uncertainties? If so, then you understand what held me back from my routine writing these last three months.

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I don’t dare get into it all but I will say God has lately given me that little tap on the shoulder.

“Marianne, it’s time I alter that road we’ve been on this last year and head back to where we started.”

Instead of getting into what that new, or better yet ‘old‘ road ahead for me is all about, I’ll just share a few of the things I’ve learned these last six months.

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1- The Right Time To Take Action Can Be Confusing

You may be feeling gung-ho and think something will work, but only to find out it was not what you expected. Many questions begin to form. That doesn’t mean you are to toss it all aside and stop; on the contrary. TAKE ACTION!

When God sees you doing your darnedest yet also sees you feel like giving up, He may drop that perfectly timed article or that perfectly timed message from a friend to guide you in a new direction.

2- Sometimes We Must Take Our Own Path

Stepping too far from your main goal makes you stray too far from your soul purpose. Don’t avoid other people’s aspirations, and still listen to advice, but don’t let other’s goals and paths influence your vision to change too much. It may cause you to lose track, finding yourself go down everyone else’s path at full speed.

God may decide to push that brake pedal for you, then slowly pushing down on the gas while turning into a new direction that then has you come up to a Roadblock.

Not fun.

Road block in street with words Road Closed and Detour

Times like this are when you must remember how our Lord has a specific road He’ll guide you on. 

It may be hard to accept that changing our goal is best. But thankfully, the Lord helps His children turn the steering wheel onto the road they seem to have passed miles before. God’s guidance may have you go through a lesson-filled detour with lots of stuff needed to be done, but like I always remind myself . . .

God’s plans are perfect.

I’d love to know if you recall when God altered your road.

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