6 Ways That Prove You Are One Strong Mom

woman wearing many hats
Mothers wear many hats

— All mothers wear a few different hats. Keep reading to find out if this hat is one of yours.

My last writing shared how all moms wear different Parenting hats at different times for different reasons; cooking-Hat, Read-Story Hat, or Book-Reading Hat just to name a few. Right now I’m focusing on one extra important hat; one I’ll never forget wearing. Here’s a clue to see if you can think of its title.

“Now listen to me. If you keep that sour attitude each time I tell you to put that game away,” I tried my darndest to calmly say to my 8-year-old daughter, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to break that game and toss it in the garbage.” 

Can you guess the title?

strong-mom-hat title

I’m talking about those times when your heart feels weak but you know it has to be strong. 

It helps moms to have her Strong-Mom Hat handy because it helps…

1- Strong Moms Listen

Having that ear your kids need is important, even if it’s just those few minutes when tucking your 5-year-old daughter to bed, even though you yourself would rather crash on the couch. She begins telling you something important to her. Can you imagine what she’d feel like if you looked her straight in the eye with a grin, just listening while occasionally saying that perfectly timed “Oh, really!” or “My goodness!”
Be strong and listen. You just may have made someones day. 

 2- Strong Moms Know When It’s Time Not To Care.

Better worded – It’s time not to care how it makes you feel. Our hearts feel bad when we tell them they can’t do something, but our minds know better.
For instance;

 “Sorry, but I’ve changed my mind. You’re not going to the park to play with your friends. I’ve had to tell you too many times to watch your attitude with your sister.” 

We often want them to have fun but know it’s best they don’t to learn.
Here’s another.

3- Strong Moms Surprise

This goes along with #2 – Don’t give a threat and not carry through. For instance, after telling my own daughter I would throw here game in the garbage I then thought ‘OH NO! That means I really have to if she doesn’t obey. EEK! She loves that game. But I must be firm.’

I’ll never forget her face when she saw me toss that game into that garbage can close by.

speechless girl surprised
“Mom really did that?”

Something shocking it what it took to click her brain to finally think. She sure was an angle for a few wonderful days after that. That was 25 years ago, and her and I still remember that day.

4- Strong Moms To Do Their Best Not To Give Into Their Emotions.

Even strong mom sometimes feel a sense of ‘losing it’. How we cope with situations depend on when and where something occurs, who’s around, and what is taking place. But strong moms also know when it’s time to stop, take that deeeeeeep breath (or two), toss up a quick prayer, remind themselves they have that hat on, and then face that situation with a firm yet calm approach. 

5- Strong Moms Stand Out 

I’m not saying we want others to think of us as that ‘Mean Mom’. Not at all! But we do want to stand out as that strong mother who cares for her kids, shows the sacrifices she takes, can keep at least somewhat of an orderly home while still showing she has oodles of love for each and every one of her children.

It’s one of the best feeling when someone comes up to you after some ordeal you had to go through with your child, telling you they wish they had your patience.

One more. That strong hat let’s moms know…

6- Strong Moms Can’t Do It Alone

Mom written on top of heart on pictorial woman's muscular arm

Remaining a strong mom takes two things
1- Work.
It’s no overnight success. Keeping that strong hat close by helps you make better decisions in your guiding kids.

2- Most important: God.
God is there to hear you day in and day out. Trust me, He can surprise you in helping keep that hat on . . . even when you have to toss that perfectly good game in that garbage can.

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