Different Ways That Prove You Are One Strong Mom

woman wearing many hats
Mothers wear many Parenting hats

Intro: — Have you ever had a few hats on at the same time? Mother’s sure do. Below is the first of two blogs to help you wear the certain hat all parents need.

Being a mom can sure be tough. Advice of often craved because bringing up children is hard work! Here’s just a few examples of the many past parental-hats I use to wear.

  • Teaching-Hat: Years of homeschooling.
  • Fun-Mom-Hat: Giggles filled the room when played with Sammy our dog.
  • Strict-Mom-Hat: Making sure a few kids cleaned up toys while others folded clothes.
  • Money-Planning-Hat: After paying pills, pay for swimming lessons.
  • Food-Mom-Hat: Making sure all were eating right, especially on desert nights.
  • Soccer-Mom-Hat: I sure wasn’t your normal Soccer-Mom. (More later)

The One Hat That Stood Out

One hat, however, was different than everyone else’s.
That hat I used back then I still wear today. It’s called my Memory-Hat.

No, not the normal ‘Oh, what is the name of that one toy you told me about last month?’ More like ‘Oh, what is the name of your best friend that’s been over here these last four days?’ Everyone knew not to ask me any of the names of the little kids on a soccer team I coached. I take that back. I did remember the name of one; Trina . . . my daughter.

little kids soccer team with woman coach

A better name for that hat; my ‘E’-Hat.
E‘ for Encephalitis; an illness that hit me out of the blue shortly after my second child was born. It affected my brain’s ability to remember even simple things. But that’s not my reason for this writing. It’s to share that, no matter what trial and tribulation you mothers go through, God can give you the strength to keep going.

If I could get through a tough season of forgetting what the title ‘Mother’ even meant, then you too can get through an extra tough trial. This song explains it better.

I could go on and on about the many times my daily life as a mother felt too heavy for me back then. Instead, I’d rather share one simple fact – God was carrying me along. Even though it sometimes felt God was putting my heart through fire a wee bit too much, I began to tell His plans were making me stronger. He brought certain things my way that encouraged me greatly.

I’m not just sharing this for others who have extra heavy trial type hats. All moms have broken nights, feeling like they are losing the fight, sensing too often what feels like fire. Yes, your tears may occasionally show up, but do your darnedest to remember that those tears are making you stronger.

woman in redress and cap showing biceps

My next writing will share a few ways to keep your Coming-Out-A-Fighter-Hat in tip-top condition.

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