How To Help Fill Time for Your Kids – 20 Ideas

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Nothing To Do?

Inside: Want to fill up some of that free time your kids often have? This list of fun and educational games will sure help.

  • “Mommy, I’ve already played with that.”
  • “But, but . . . but that’s not fun.”
  • “See, Mommy. They both don’t want to play with me.”

I sure do remember hearing those sentences, expecially when my four kids and I had too many big gapes of free time.

  • “Sorry guys, but we can’t do that today.”
  • “Darn it. We can’t do that. We don’t have enough of what’s needed right now.”
  • “Ug, the weather stinks. You have to play inside all day.” (oh, great.)

As of late, I bet many parents could use some fresh activity ideas, expecially with this Covid-19 keeping most everyone at home. Let me help. I sure loved it when new ideas of activities for my kids popped up, therefore I’m making a few ideas pop up for you.


A pen on paper next to the word Notes!

1 – All Families Are Different –
First and most important, I know the number of kids, their different ages, grades, personalities, locations, and more make everyones life different, so just apply these suggestions how ever you see fit.

2 – Kids Love Sharing Their Ideas
Secondly, have an idea or two to the kids before asking them what they’d like to do. ‘No promise’ must be filtered in. I totally understand though, when a fully Mommy-Made List is still the best way to go. 

List of Activities

Below are a few titles of the 20 projects I’ve put together.

  • Group Story Making
  • Alphabet Game
  • Recording Reading
  • 10 Questions
  • Hand Shaped Cookies
  • Car Washing 101
  • Draw Picture a Day
  • Show & Tell

The full list with instructions can be reached right here.

3 – Showing THE List –
Hopefully, after a little thinking, you have a list full of ideas all your tikes love. But now what? You have to be able to see THE list, right?
Click for two of the many ways to show THE list right here.

You may feel you have to be present in many of these activities, however, depending on age, some kids can do many on their own. Use those that fit your family’s likings along with adding ideas of your own to make THE list perfect.

In conclusion, I want to make it even easier for you. Spare some time by putting together a few things I made for you to print that helps show THE list.


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