16 Reasons Why Mothers Deserve to be Honored

Mother about to receive breakfast in bed from daughter
“Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy”

Inside: This list shares why Mother’s Day is perfect to remember why SUPERMOM is a perfect title.

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“Mommy, you have to stay in bed. It’s Mother’s Day, you know,” one of my daughters quietly said one morning as she and her three younger siblings peeked into my bedroom.
“Don’t get up yet,” whispered another.
“AWE,” I thought while putting 2 & 2 together. After all, it was Mother’s Day morning plus hearing sounds from the kitchen of my husband ‘helping’ the kids cook something.

“Pancakes? In bed? WOW,” I said a few minutes later as my four kids plus my husband, excuse me, the Chef entered, all smiling more than normal. I even pictured that box of Bisquick on the kitchen countertop smiling. For the rest of that day, I had everyone’s permission to be a wee bit selfish. For instance, my husband even changed the diapers more than I did.

cartoon woman standing blowing party whistle

But first, if you want to find out how Mother’s Day got started, here’s how.

I like to call myself a Retired Full-Time Mother of Four. Thankfully, many blessings helped me endure those day-after-day draining rituals like…

– Hearing ‘It’s MINE!’ at least 4 or 5 times.
– Thinking ‘Mission accomplished ’ after everyone’s evening tooth-brushing.
– Deciding if laundry could wait just one more day. (50-50 chance it could)
– Making sure kids tummies were stuffed before bedtime to avoid “Mom, I’m hungry,” right after kissing them ni-night.

I want to give a speck of encouragement before Mother’s day; that special day set aside for mothers to relax, (yeah, right.)
Here is a list to show why you get to hold the title . . .

woman flying through the room with cleaner in hand


Mother’s Day – Before this list of what SUPER MOMS can do, let’s first find out who made mothers incredibly special in the first place.

SUPERMOM Mother’s Day Titles

1 – Story Teller
2 – Hand Holder
3 – Partner in Crime
4 – Comedian
5 – Cheerleader

SUPERMOM Mother’s Day Talents

6 – Moms can find anything.
7 – Moms answer questions as if they know all the answers.
8 – Moms turn bribery into negotiating.
9 – Moms naturally, without much thinking, pop out the words ‘If you don’t want any of these – (fill in vegetable) – then you’re not hungry’.
10 – Moms guide their children to actually understand why they can’t buy so many shirts at one time.
11- Moms can casually hold a four-month-old baby in a restaurant while pointing to the food on her 3-year old’s plate quietly telling her ‘eat this’ while keeping one eye on her 5-year old who’s playing with the straw, but still having that deep discussion with her friend on the other side of the table.
12 – Moms know every word and every beat to the kid’s songs in the car while holding the title Official Taxi Driver.

How dare I leave out the Super-D-Duper Talents mothers have of using only one hand! (obviously holding the youngest in the other)

13 – Unzip, go to the bathroom, re-zip.
14 – Hold lunch bag while walking a short distance from the car to the park.
“Heck, we don’t need that stroller.”
15- Vacuuming right after tossing clothes in the dryer.

I have to add just one more; one that’s more valuable than the rest.

16 – Whenever that little child is in need of love,
Mom is there from the heavens above;
Whenever the child is in need of a shoulder,
The best one she can find comes from her mother.

More poems such as this are right here. I’m happy to give you permission to download it as well. After all, your own mother might love to be known as

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