Can Valuable Hints in Parenting be Helpful To You?

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inside: Both Moms and Dads get that title ‘Parent’. Below explains my new goal to help you enjoy that title.

Have you ever unexpectedly seen pictures that make you look back a few years? Okay, many years. I did a few weeks ago while looking at two sets of pictures someone shared on Facebook. That first set showed different pics of the same two adults perhaps in their 50’s. Each one had a calm and quiet tone. They were seen all relaxed while calmly talking in the kitchen or cozily watching T.V. One showed just her kicked back reading a book.

woman reading book on couch while holding drink
Peace & Quiet

 ‘That’s Chris and I now,’ I thought while looking at that first batch. ‘I’m more often than not surrounded by quietness.’

Then I saw the other set. It held pictures of these same kids bouncing around, fighting, or begging for food as the parents had that I GIVE UP look. Those pictures proved how that home was rarely calm and quiet.

“And it’s not even lunch.”

‘Yep, I sure do remember what THAT was like,’ I thought, reminiscing years past as a married stay-at-home mom of four.  (Heck, even a dog.)

Update – My youngest is now 23, showing it’s been quite a few years since ‘Mom, are we there yet?’ or ‘But Mom, he’s always first!’ was last heard.

Lately, I’ve been thinking back to when I heard the word ‘Mom’ at least 94 times each day. Alright, maybe some days that was only 79, but only when I gave in and let them watch a kids show or two…or four.

That type thinking began to build inside. Being those thoughts go hand-in-hand with my book, something hit me.


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Knowing I cherished getting advice from other mothers during those first years as a Mom, along with living by the verse ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you‘,* I’m now planning to offer help, ideas, and encouragement to other parents. Newsletters will assist me with that as well.
Sign up to that right here and get a free batch of quotes to give encouragement to those staying home a bit more than normal.

I look forward to sharing a new post every other Tuesday, planning to cause a smile or two each time.

Time now for that needed ‘Little Laugh’.

* ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you‘, (Luke 6:32)

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