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4 Tips to Help You Deal With This Life-Altering Coronavirus

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Inside: A few small things to keep in mind that might help you through this coronavirus trial.

29 years ago, at 23 yrs old, I went through a few incredibly tough months. A brain-affected illness called encephalitis popped-up out of nowhere, causing me to have an intense stay at two different hospitals. It affected others because they had to deal with a new me who needed to think extra hard just to think at all.
– car
– dog
– apple
– mom

– toothbrush
– pillow
– store
– book

What do these words have in common? They, along, with hundreds more, were things I did not know what they were. Or, if they looked familiar while I looked at a photo, I hadn’t the faintest idea what they were for or called.

This coronavirus ordeal we are all facing today is a little bit like what I went through years ago. I’m telling you this because I hope it can help some of you. Sure, it was just me, my family and closest friends that had to endure this.

We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.

And yes, today’s problem is affecting everyone on the face of the earth. Both my story back then, and everyone’s story now, however, fit perfectly with this one sentence.

Hand holding blue marker writing Time For a New Normal
Time For a New Normal

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Here are four things I learned back then that I think we’re all learning now.
1 – How Fragile We Are
What’s the opposite of strong or durable? Good chance it’s how many are feeling right now; fragile. Our sense of control feels broken right down the middle.

Something Good From the Coronavirus

Perhaps we’re realizing that we put too much of our strength outside the home, and not enough inside. We need to look more at what life is like under our roof, appreciating more what’s right there. How about we build a new strength inside our home AND outside, helping those who have it worse than we do.

One example is donating blood. We keep hearing there’s a huge need for blood. If you can, especially since you may have free time, then why not? You feel great when done.

2 – What ‘Humble‘ means 
Those first few months after my hospital stay, ‘humble’ was my middle name because I saw how little I was able to do. The same goes for most people now. Are you one of the many feeling literally stuck at home doing nothing? If so, you are perhaps doing more of what’s important; spending time with those who mean the most. Try your best making quality and quantity time work together.

An Idea !

Do what we did for the first time last week. Follow the rules and humbly stay at home, but visit your own family or friends on your cell phones. It’s great!
(Check out ‘Zoom.us’ if you haven’t tried this yet.)

Video Chatting with four others
Separate and Together

3- Trials Help Us Persevere
persevere – [ˌpərsəˈvir] – Verb — continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

Time to pretend the word ‘PERSEVERE’ is printed on your forehead. Time to be giving that extra ‘oomph’ day in and day out. If you want the best results, persevere through all the changes that are now taking place. Perhaps this one fact will help;

You can do it

4- We sometimes Need Faith during This Coronavirus Like a Child

When I went home from that month-long, life-altering hospital stay, my 23-year-old body did not have a 23-year-old mind. All those years of facts, problems, and 23 years of stored history were nowhere to be found. For instance, I had no idea what money was or why we had to eat. But, you know what? I’m glad my thoughts were sweet and simple.

That childlike mind had me keep a childlike faith. I was at peace in that hospital as I started that new normal life. We all should have that simple child-like faith. As a result, more smiles show up. Regardless of circumstances, despite arguments of logic and reason, we sometimes must tuck away all our complicated details of what’s going on, and simply trust God a bit more child-like .

Hand holding onto

I want to encourage you to hold on, therefore sharing this piece of my past. We are all up to this challenge together. Yes, some of us are affected more than others, but we all have to keep up being brave and tough. Accept feeling fragile and humble while persevering along with faith at the same time.

Let’s roll up our sleeves, ask God for His much needed help…

man rolling up his denim sleeves
Roll up your sleeves

…and give it our all to get through this new normal life together.

I have an idea! How about you share down below something good that has happened to you, or you did that brought a smile to someone else. It could be a small act of kindness or gratitude, because it just might be what someone else needs right now.

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