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Curious If You Should Turn Your No Into a Yes?

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Has anyone compelled you to do something? Have you heard that one sentence “You really should.” many times by many people? Come on, be honest. Most likely you have.  And I bet “No. I’m not one to do that.” was your answer. 

Off-and-on for years I kept hearing, “You should write a book about what happened.”  Each time my response was sweet and simple. “No, I’m not an author. I can’t write.” As years went by I began adding, “Plus, it happened so long ago.”

God thought differently.

Years ago I had made a new friend from this one special website. Her and I clicked after realizing we both loved the Lord. Swopping e-mails got us gabbing daily back and forth at how God carried us though the trials and joys of life.

One days e-mail opened up this new door.

“I can’t really share in one writing how I met my husband,” I wrote.
“I know. I’ll share little bits and pieces of my story each day.”

That means I need to tell her about my unplanned pregnancy first.
This is sure going to be interesting.

I enjoyed putting together a few new simple paragraphs every day. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but jot a few thoughts in my journal.

Your Journal Holds All Your Thoughts

September 2008
…We’ve been e-mailing back and forth at least once a day. I’m now putting together a story to show her how God carried me from when I got pregnant and what followed. I love doing this.

Each day she thanked me, but one day her e-mail stood out with a question I’ll never forget.

“Marianne, would you mind if I copied those you’ve done so far, and give them to three friends of mine?  They could really use your story.”

You should have seen my face as I read that.

surprised yellow female smily face

I couldn’t help but begin thinking . . .
Hmm. Maybe I’ll try putting a little more effort into it now.

About a week later, while enjoying explaining what God had been doing for me during my soap opera years before, plus thinking how many had told me I should write a book, I stopped typing. I then looked up and thought . . .
Okay, God. Are You trying to tell me something?
And it’s there I took off in praying, writing, praying and writing. 

Two weeks later I wrote in my journal:
I’m still e-mailing my story every day and God’s allowing me to feel very useful, and now I’m actually beginning to think all these chapters could go toward a real book. We’ll see.

Time for a toast.

cheers illustration

To my dear friend Michelle, who God used to give me the inspiration to write my book. 

Time now to think of YOUR story. Did God use some person, place, or thing to pop something up unexpectedly, making you finally realize you should do something? Perhaps is was days, weeks, months, or even years later you finally realized His plan. Or, how about today? Perhaps something is tapping you on the shoulder wanting you to realize one simple fact: God wants you to stop saying no.

Marianne Petersen’s book God and My Pillow is now available in book or PDF form from the Author herself using Paypal, or purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.
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