If You Never Try You Will Never Know – Part 2

red and white flowers with blue sky behind

Time to pick your favorite flower. Do you have one in mind? With spring right around the corner, I bet you can’t wait to see it start showing its beauty. At the end of my last blog, I was talking about that seed a beautiful flower comes from. Read it again to refresh your mind.

I’m continuing that story now. But, let’s first have a little fun guessing what I never pictured myself doing that I am now attempting. See if you can choose the right one.

1- Start Christmas shopping in March.
2- Take classes to become a physical therapist.
3- Send a thank you letter to Tom Hanks for being a great Mr. Rogers.
4- Turn my book into an audio book
5- Try to go one full month without wearing my slippers.

Questioning look of the smiley face
Hmmm, I wonder

1- I don’t dare plan to change what I usually start in September.
2- I cherish my physical therapist, but all I’ve been learning is enough.
3- No. I’m sure Tom Hanks has gotten plenty of compliments already.
4- Marianne Daring Petersen is planning to make an audio book.
5- Me? More than one day without my cozy slippers? NO. WAY.

I’m sure this crazy adventure will come with a few struggles, but hay, I’m ready to pull a few weeds now and then, here and there, as I give it my all. 

Do you have any seeds you are pondering if you should plant? Are you a bit afraid of planting that seed with all the watering involved?

My advice is to be afraid but do it anyway! Just pray for Gods guidance, and give that new project your all.

These few optimistic quotes word it perfectly by
Craid D. Lounsbrough

Male hand putting seed into dirt close up shoot
Plant That Seed

“If you can imagine something, at least imagine it with legs so that it has a chance to go somewhere.”

“Once I stare into the face of God, I can stare into the face of anything.”

Marianne Petersen’s book God and My Pillow is now available in book or PDF form from the Author herself using Paypal, or purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

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