If You Never Try You Will Never Know

Hiker on the summit of a sandstone spire in Canyonlands National Park.
Are you this daring?

Time to think of something you did you never thought you would ever do. Can you? I bet you can. When you were a child, was there ever a time when another kid dared you to do something? Did you? Or even as an adult, have you surprised yourself in doing something one day that, a week before, you never pictured yourself doing?

Sure, I could easily bring back my past; that extra tough time of my unplanned pregnancy at the early age of nineteen. But I’m talking about a more uplifting, positive type memory; one that seemed to come out of no where.

I’m bringing this up because I found myself this last week doing something I never pictured myself doing. No, I didn’t hike up on some huge rock. It’s something a lot smaller than that but still rather huge for me. But before I tell you what that was, I first want to encourage you to be daring. I know my last writing was sort of the same topic, being daring, but that was more something you have to face; a big trial that is right there on your lap you can’t get rid of.

This time I want to cover when something comes up that you are not forced to face. Plus, it’s something kind of neat but you have never given it much thought, and you just don’t see yourself ever doing it.
“Oh, it’s just not me,” or “I’d never be good at it, so why even try?”
I’ve thought this way about a certain thing for years, but because I’ve been more daring as of late, I learned a few things.

Start Before You Think You’re Ready. I’ve always thought that you need to have all your T’s crossed and all your I’s dotted before you do something like this. I’m glad to admit I’ve been wrong.

Do Something You Think You Can’t.
We all have a list of things we think we’d be really bad at or could never do. You may not be fantastic at it, but it’s almost certain that if you are daring, you’ll get better. And the more you realize that, thanking God for that little encouragement, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Just picture yourself as a seed. One little seed is what can begin a few beautiful flowers. A little attention is needed to help it grow, yes, but you just might be rather surprised what you can do if you try.

red and white flowers with blue sky behind

To be continued.

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