5 Answers to 5 Questions -Continued (FINALLY!)

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“What Should I be called? “

Good news!
This time I will answer that last question I asked a few weeks ago.

5- Why am I telling you all this?

The first four questions I’ve asked were. . .
1- How many months between August 6th and January 6th?
2- Why in the world am I asking you this?
3- What do I wish never took place five months ago?
4- How am I now?

Going back a few weeks explains the story behind each answer. I’ll now explain #5 – Why am I telling you all this?

To let you know I am living proof that a 52-year-old can still be like a little kid when they’re able to finally do something. For example; when a little child grins ear to ear when he or she proves they can finally carry that extra heavy bag.
(okay, calm down Marianne.)

Female hand holding full red plastic bag

God sees me grin doing things like that now that I was not able to do for months after my fall. It’s that feeling that’s kept me giving my all these last three months doing the arm exercises I ever so wish I didn’t have to keep doing.

Now sure, my right arm is still the one in charge, and I definitely can’t prove my title as Weed-Wacking-Woman … yet. Of course my arm may not feel picture perfect with each and every move . . .


cartoon woman standing blowing party whistle

Yes, I still can’t believe what happened, and that I have to do all this exercising because of that fall.
And yes, “I’m tired of all this! I still think.
However, I usually do something right after that thought occurs that changes my thinking to be a bit better.
“Oh, how much better my arm is doing that right now. Thank you Lord.

I happily can now use my left arm to put items up on the higher cabinets in the kitchen. Even carrying a full basket of clean clothes up the stairs is I’ve learned to appreciate. I never thought I’d be happy raking huge piles of dead leaves, followed by putting them into the bin.

surprised yellow female smily face

Time I now explain the reason behind asking these questions, and why I shared this song last week.

We all have fallen at some time. I sure know I have. And no, I don’t mean literally. I’m passing one word your way I hope you let just pass on by; Impossible.

Don’t make that word the reason you do not try to meet your goal. Keep that hope. Keep that faith even when the sky is falling. My sky sure fell those first three months. Faith in God and His plans, and asking Him to keep passing strength my way, pulled me out. Let it pull you out as well. Let it help make you feel that new beginning.

Instead of just thinking what you should do, do what you should do. Or better yet, do MORE than you are told you should do.

Yes, you need to be patient in getting results because, most likely, it’s not going to obviously improved or get solved over night. I sure learned that. Don’t let that get you down. Time will pass no matter what. Just keep up with what’s needed. Tiny piece by piece improvements will soon be one huge pile of encouragement!

woman cutting the word can't into can
You can !

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
– Philippians 4:13 – NKJV

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3 thoughts on “5 Answers to 5 Questions -Continued (FINALLY!)”

  1. “You may be wrong, but that might be the way to learn what’s right.”

    Oh, I needed to hear these words today. Thank you.

    I am feeling wretched over an issue I just can’t seem to resolve emotionally. It’s been dragging on for months now. I’m such a s – l – o – w healer… Your words are one more dab of God-love-glue to piece my heart back together. 🙂

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