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5 Answers to 5 Questions (Almost) Continued

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What do I mean by Almost? Basically, this week was filled with more necessities than normal which kept me from finishing the important answer to the last of my five questions.

1- How many months between August 6th and January 6th?
2- Why in the world am I asking you this?
3- What do I wish never took place five months ago?
4- How am I now?
And the question I’ll answer next week is . . .drum roll please…

5 – Why am I telling you all this?

I promise, next week I will share the answer to #5, but for now I’m going to share you a song. It gives a little hint to what I’ll be sharing next week.

You will find out next week what kept me going these last five months, and what I still need to keep me going for more months ahead. Until then, listen to this song. I hope it can encourage you if you are going through a tough time right now. You too can overcome the odds. It may not be over night, but patience and faith will help you find that silver lining.

See you next week.

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