5 Answers to 5 Questions

I’m going to start this new year off with five questions.
The first question has to do with a math story problem: Ready?
How many months between August 6th of 2019 to January 6, of 2020?

We’ll start from August 6th and count up. August 6th to September 6th is one. September 6th to October 6th is two. November 6th makes three, December 6th makes four, and (almost done) January 6th, only a few days ago, makes five; five months.

Second Question: Why in the world am I asking you this?
To let you all know that it has now been 5 months since something took place I wish never did.

Third Question: What do I wish never took place five months ago?

Breaking my collarbone.
Click here is you’d like to read what caused that- how shall I word it – undesirable occasion.

Forth Question: How am I now?
My physical therapist, along with the surgeon, could tell it was not frozen as they thought for a while it would, being it was showing a few signs it would be able to actually improve. Better yet, it could improve rather swiftly.
! YAY ! Oh, what a relief. Incase you’re curious what I thought I might have to deal, check here. It shares why God hears me often thank Him for what He kept me from.

Time, though, to include that one word that often follows good news: ‘But’.
The mobility of my arm will improve but… I have to work my tail off to make that happen; time putting in hard work is a must.

I’m not just talking once a day stretching my left arm this way & that for two minutes. I’d love it if that’s all I’d need to do. And, I’m not talking about doing it for just a few weeks. The saying ‘Dream On‘ fits perfect right here.
No, we’re talking about me doing arm exercises a lot more; a LOT more. We’re talking a few more months at the least! Plus, I’ll be doing things like stretching my left arm this way & that, lifting a few different weights in different directions, pushing my arm different ways up agains a wall, just to name a few. I won’t even try to explain how I lift myself up as I sit on a chair, or force my arm to stay up on top of a high table as I lower the rest of my body down. This, plus more, for quite a few months.

And, if any of you need help counting up to 10, just ask me. I’m a pro. All I can do is laugh at how many times I do these different exercises ten times; or better yet, how many groups of ten I need to do for certain arm movements.

I tell ya, if things in my living room could talk to one another, I’m sure they would have lot’s of jokes they share back and forth as they watch me do all these.

What use to be twice-a-week visits to my physical therapist turned into once-a-week, and is currently about every week and a half. Each time I go I do things I can’t do at home, along with making the things I can do at home a bit tougher.

Fifth and final Question: Why am I telling you all this? My reason for sharing what it’s been like for me these last few months is…

To be continued.

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