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Thank You For The Storm

Do you have a time each year when, after a few remembering thoughts begin, tears slowly start forming. They form because you ponder on something that took place years before that altered how you think for the rest of your life.

For me there is. It’s going on right now. Yes, the yearly Why’s slowing form about what took place December 20th in 1990, but the answer shows up rather fast; God knew what was best for me. God knows why I was to go through what I went through. I then again come to realize that I’m actually a bit thankful that He had it all take place.
My past blog shows how and why I then began to hold strongly to one simple fact; God’s timing is perfect .

I’m a pictorial person, and I can’t help but picture what I went through 29 years ago.

It’s sort of like I was in a boat, and my illness was like the huge wave. Those waves seemed to be in control, and my boat was oh so small. My illness was huge those first few months, when nothing was making much sense. But as months were going by, as I was slowly remembering who Christ was, I saw more and more how God was holding me tight through those waves. As my trust in Him grew, as He showed me He was there, I began seeing more and more sun though all those clouds.

I finally began to see that sometimes it takes a storm to find a hiding place. That hiding place – or better worded, faith – has kept me going year in and year out. And He’s holding me tight again as I’m going through this current trial.

How are you after the storms you’ve been in? Are you by chance now in the midst of a big storm? Just remember from what took place in the past, or what’s going on now, that when the anchors in your life disappear without a trace, that sometimes it takes a storm to realize you need your anchor built with faith. Sometimes it takes a storm to find out that God is your hiding place.

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  1. Can storms last four years? Or, maybe they’ve been one storm after another with short reprieves in between. And through it all, He has been faithful to walk with me and bail me out numerous times. 🙂

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